FoodieBooty: Gelato Cones on Iron Boards

This is FoodieBooty and for this week’s post, I needed to go somewhere refreshing! I needed a place that would remind me of the light beyond the tunnel and the overall lightness of being. Luckily, I found just the place. 

I am talking about An’s Dry Cleaning, an ice cream parlor on Adams Ave. which specializes in making high quality gelato you can smell, see, and best of all, taste. This ice cream shop is not really what you would expect an ice cream shindig to look like since it does not have cutesy ice cream cones painted on the walls or whipped cream clouds surrounding the menu as you struggle to make the pivotal choice in between a cup or cone.

Is it really an ice cream shop?

As the name explains, the shop is a place for dry cleaning not for ice cream.  As you walk in you see a clothes rack near the back which holds beautiful pastel dress shirts wrapped with the iconic glossy plastic that excites almost any home enthusiast or avid fashionista who just happens to be an immigration lawyer during the day. You see tables in the shapes of ironing boards, napkin holders in the shape of irons, lonesome hangers set in randomness, and the familiar tinge of fluorescent white light inherent to the dry cleaning trade. If it weren’t for the huge, altar-esque, freezer sitting at the center of the shop, one could be fooled into thinking it’s an actual dry cleaning spot. Especially because no one would think to match gelato to dry cleaning… 

But the owners of An’s did and it was a matter of finding the perfect location and not wanting to change its historic value. Instead, they decided to give An’s Dry Cleaning a second life, and I am so thankful that they did so. 

Now, let’s talk gelato. 

Dairy-Free Cone: Hemp & Rayon

An’s menu changes every 1-2 weeks depending on the season or different specialty events which inspire their chef to create magical, unexpected flavors of silky gelato. Super sustainable and cool, I know! But now, the best part: their flavors are named after fabrics!!! Like the ones you would send to the dry cleaners!!! Just this fact gets them a thousand booty points from me but in an attempt to be more objective, moving on. Since it was my first time at the shop, the cream-rista* saw my face of confusion and offered me a tasting tour of all the flavors available that week. I loved that part of the service because it means that no matter how many people end up coming to the store, the cream-rista’s will take the time to make you feel special and give you a personalized experience, thus showing how proud they are of their flavors and how badly they want you to choose the flavor that speaks to your heart.

The flavors of the week starting on Nov.1, were all vegan! The flavors were: 

A ginger-lemon palate cleanser

Linen: Pineapple, basil 

rPET: Kiwi, apple, spinach 

Burlap: Peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate 

Nullarbor: Coconut, pineapple

Barkcloth: Macadamia, soy

Hemp: Hazelnut praline, chocolate

Rayon: Chocolate, orange

I tried all of them!! And you can too!! 

All of the flavors have a very smooth and refreshing quality which usually describes the best gelato. In tasting the flavors, there weren’t any in which I struggled to taste the ingredients stated in the description. When it was pineapple, I felt the sweet hit of pineapple knocking out my tongue. When it was peanut butter, or macadamia, I felt the rich nuttiness of the gelato as it slowly melted away on my tongue. When it was hints of basil or soy, I could taste how these ingredients perfectly complemented their more present counterparts and added a complex magic of their own. As a whole I could taste the outstanding effort in quality sourcing of ingredients for each one of the flavors and although I did not end up loving all of them, I still find An’s entire menu incredibly admirable in its uniqueness and subtly angelic in its flavor and consistency.

I ended up ordering the Hemp and Rayon on a dairy-free cone, while the lovely mathematician, Eduardo (the cone to my gelato), ended up ordering the Burlap (cuz peanuts) and the Linen (cuz he diggin that pineapple after coming back from a conference in Hawaii). If you have ever tasted a ferrero rocher chocolate, then you know exactly what Hemp tasted like. It was a velvety gelato with only a slight grainy texture caused by the hazelnut praline and its crunchiness. I loved the flavor from the first taste because it was not overly sweet or chocolatey, it was perfectly balanced from nutty to chocolatey. I paired it up to the dense and decadent flavor that is Rayon because Hemp’s subtle cocoa notes were brought out by the intense and deep flavors of dark chocolate and orange zest. Rayon, although delicious and intoxicating, did end up being too overwhelming once ordered for the full scoop since it was made out of a chocolate with a pretty high bitterness index. 

Cone on the left: Linen & Burlap post lick
Dairy-Free Cone on the right: Hemp & Rayon post bite

My favorite flavors from all those tasted and ordered ended up being Linen, the palate cleanser, and Barkcloth! I know, none of the ones I ordered! However, these flavors were so beautifully fresh, fruity, and nutty that I would so happily go back for more anytime, any day. My least favorite were the Nullarbor and rPET, but not because I thought they were low quality but only because I found their flavors too sweet for Nullarbor and too vegetable-y for rPET.

Linen & rPET on cup
Taken by my amazing friend Rica, who is a regular at An’s!

When counting An’s incredibly unique style, concept, service, and flavors, it is impossible for me to think that someone would not like what they have to offer. Little details like the shop’s name, history, the fact that they accept flavor requests/ideas at this email address, has made me fall head over heels with them. I am sure to return for their Fluff & Fold membership program. 

In total I give them 4.8 booty points out of 5. Go for the flavors, go for the style, or just go because there is nothing else like it. As always I hope you enjoy, love u lil snacks.



An’s Dry Cleaning

North Park

3017 Adams Avenue

San Diego, CA 92116

(619) 450-6166

Insta: @adcgelato

12:00p to 11:00p Mon – Fri

11:00a to 11:00p Sat & Sun

Behind The Mic: Marco Arreola and the Mental State of America

marco arreola

Impassioned by humanity, honesty, and patriotism, Marco Arreola explores the many facets of American society through open communication and positivity.

Senior Communications Major, and Sociology Minor, Marco Arreola was enticed by the sociological side of communication through the aide of his Sociology 101 professor Robert Fargo from Southwestern College. This class confirmed many of his preconceived notions on human society, but further expanded his curiosity. This baseline Sociology course drew his interest enough to enroll in a Sociology and Religion course with the same professor the following semester.

What truly drew Arreola to the subject was the humanistic perspective he provided the class. Empathizing with students and showing vulnerability made the class more inviting and an overall more fostering learning environment. Being a “free speech absolutist” he also fell in love with the open discussion forum the course provided students such as himself. The beauty of being able to see the human side of his professor is something that Arreola believes should stretch across every facet of humanity. 

Arreola is the host of The State of ‘Merica on KCR, live Tuesdays from 3 to 4 pm. On this show, the political junkie and mental health advocate decompresses by playing a parody of himself. In the ever stressful times we live in, Arreola finds this time on Tuesday afternoons to poke fun at the seriousness of the times we deal with on a day to day basis. On one special episode, he read the entire U.S. Constitution word for word live on-air. 

So, what is the state of America in his eyes? What are Americans all about? 

“If I could describe Americans with one word, it would just be simply, American.” The unique hypocrisy of our beliefs tied together with our actions is a special kind of oxymoron reserved for the American people. Arreola discusses how despite being a secular nation, many pride themselves on Christian beliefs. Or the fact that we celebrate and uphold our voting system despite the fact many of us said we had to vote for the lesser of two evils in the most recent Presidential election.  He goes on to say, “Only an American would think that way.” 

Patriotism can be seen as a flaw in society today as many view our nation to be a despicable one at that. Many are asking how someone can love this country, but Arreola has the perspective many need to take.

“Personally, I’m a Patriot. I’m proud to be an American,” he goes on to say, “but part of what comes with that is that you realize there are flaws in the country.” 

America is currently in one of its most publicly critiqued states of recent history, but Arreola looks at that as an opportunity to grow as a nation. 

“I’m thirsty for justice, for glory, for honor.”

He loves the fact that the problems of America are rising to the surface, seeing them as an opportunity to do better for the American people. The Bilingual Otay Ranch native is not like anchors we may see on FOX News at any given time of the week, he can recognize this nation’s flaws with the ability to see ways to make leaps towards the future. With the title of being an American holding so much weight, the pressure fuels his desire to make this country better than it has ever been. 

The Righteous Mind by Johnathan Hyde is one of his favorite books and it has helped him understand the phenomenon of American Patriotism. 

The dichotomy of modern politics has bred distaste for members of the “opposing” party for most. In turn, this has made it increasingly difficult for people on opposite ends of the political spectrum to foster progressive conversations. Arreola asserts having no political label as he feels that aides in the confirmation bias many come into these conversations with. He, like myself and many others, feel as though their beliefs are their own and should be forced to be put into the box of Democrat or Republican.

Arreola is doing this as his part to bring people together to have an open discussion. A recent Bernie Sanders appearance on FOX News drew a lot of interest from members all along the political spectrum. Arreola was enticed by this as Sanders told the audience to set aside the political party tag and merely listen to his ideas. He said, “It was such an enormous hit, I remember reading articles and seeing town halls about them agreeing on the substance of policies and not the titles of them.” 

Arreola wants people to hear ideas, not focus on whatever connotation is placed behind the name of the idea. Politicians fuel their campaigns behind the terms and terminology they use and this is something Arreola stresses we all should be mindful of. He is pushing media literacy across the board for all; do our research and understand the concepts of socialism instead of being alarmed by the term’s association with communism.

Now politics aside, Marco Arreola has another project coming soon via KCR that he is very passionate about.

With two episodes already recorded, Arreola is bringing the audience a podcast focusing on discussions of mental health with people from all walks of life. Arreola was diagnosed with Schizophrenia during his freshman year of high school and it changed his life. Leaving traditional high school he was enrolled at Alta Vista Academy in Chula Vista where he finished out high school with other students who went through mental health struggles and discovery.

In this school, most kids are not expected to graduate let alone make their way to college. Arreola was a special case as not only did he graduate on time, he had aspirations of attending SDSU. He left the program and enrolled at Southwestern College where he made his transition here to SDSU. Now, being at State, he finds it important to be open about his mental health in efforts to make the discussion easier for everyone.

He “came out” as having schizophrenia at the beginning of this semester to his peers as well as members here at KCR and was received with nothing but understanding. The podcast has yet to come out as Arreola has struggled with being able to maintain the initial values he set forth for his show. He wants it to be genuine, and an open environment for discussion. However, mental health is tied to all the controversy we face in our everyday life. Tangents happen and what starts as a conversation about happiness can lead to discussions on race relations through American history. The conversations are happening and they will be heard, when they are ready to be heard. 

The actions and discussions surrounding mental health are, “American” according to Arreola. Going back to his original description of the contradiction of Americans, this stands true as talks are happening but walks are not following the conversations. 

“An Asylum patient from the 1940s has the same levels of anxiety of today’s college students,” mentioned Arreola, giving an indication of the times we are surviving mentally.

With anxiety levels high, Arreola keeps his focus higher and does his job to help himself and others around him. He is open to having a conversation with anyone; he wants everyone to be happy and he partially owes this mindset to his grandfather. When he was a child his grandfather told him, “Marco, be loyal to the things that matter. And never forget this, love humanity. Respect it, and serve it at all times and with all your soul.” 

Arreola loves humanity in every which way; he actively seeks to make it better for those living within it. 

Arreola does not believe he could be achieving the day to day success he is right now without his past failures. He viewed having to change schools and not being able to go straight from high school into SDSU as a failure along with the repercussions of his mental health struggles. Those experiences make him that much more grateful for the small successes of each coming day. If he eats something delicious, that is a success. If he goes to class, participates and compliments a classmate, that’s a success. Being able to share this story of Marco Arreola? That’s a success.

Written by: Alexis Camel
Photos by: Alexis Camel

Sexcapades: ‘Tell me what you want / what you really, really want.’


Creating an environment for open communication seems like a daunting and not so simple task, but these tips can help you take the first step towards a healthy and happy relationship.

I’ve been teasing this topic for quite some time and it’s about time that we finally got down to it. 

In my research of my previous topics like anal play and foreplay I learned the common denominator is communication. How we communicate our wants, needs, expectations, desires, fantasy is key role in our relationships. Without communication none of these can be met which can lead to the downfall of a relationship because none of the partners are happy. 

It is not just in the bedroom where communication is important but it also lies within the core of a relationship. Communicating your expectations for your partner can lead to a more fulfilling relationship. Talking about your personal goals, aspirations, and how your relationship fits into them allows you and your partner to figure out how you can help one another achieve them.

Have you ever been unsure on how to confront a partner about feelings of insecurity? What about suspicion of infidelity? Or the horrifying ‘what are we talk?’ Effective and good communication skills are the core of these conversations. This generation of texting, social media, hook up culture gets all too confusing. We want a relationship but we hate labels; we want to ‘go with the flow’ but our inherent need a definitive answer gets in the way. So what are we to do? Well, why don’t we talk about it.

Over the summer I was on top of my game. I was starting a new job, going out with my friends, and having so much fun. I was radiating confidence and power and the boys that I would meet could definitely tell. There was a time in the summer where I had three dates lined up in a week and then something happened. A person who I had a crush on asked me to hang out and we ended up talking about the way we felt about each other. After that happened, I was so shook because I never was open with someone like that before. Honestly, it was quite unsettling for someone who never expresses how they feel. Between my friends and family asking what is going to happen and between my own anxiety of giving up my freedom of being single, I decided to ask this person what they wanted and where they were at. To be honest, I wish I knew then what I know now about communication. I don’t know if I would have handled it differently.

Here’s the thing, I am so glad I just came out and did it because I would have drove myself crazy wondering where they were at. Also, if it had come out they were hurt about me hooking up with other people I would have felt bad even if I didn’t know. Communication has its strengths and weaknesses but I’m not going to debate that. 

Let’s Talk About Sex

In my research of communication I learned something in the last place I thought I would (a joke) — my psychology class in Human Sexual Behavior. When talking about contraceptives my professor brought up a great way when talking about contraceptives. With his permission, I am going to use his advice to relate them to sex and communication in relationships.

Pick A Strategic Time 

After a night out of drinking is not a strategic time to bring up something about your relationship or sex. A strategic time could be a date night or over dinner when you are alone with your partner.

Talk About Your Relationship, Then Get Specific

You don’t want to spring it on your partner nor do you want to make them feel uncomfortable. So when you begin the conversation about your relationship, start with the aspects of your relationship that bring you joy, make you happy. or enhance your life in some way. Make sure the conversation is natural and allow your partner to freely express what makes them happy about your relationship. As the conversation progresses, direct it towards the more specific topic.

Don’t Apologize

You are not a bad person for wanting to improve your relationship, sex life, or whatever you want to discuss. Everyone is entitled to feel some type of way about something that is bothering them. Do not let your partner feel bad for wanting to openly communicate in your relationship. Nor you as the communicator should make your partner feel bad or make them feel like they did something wrong for not seeing the issue. It is important that you and your partner are comfortable and not on the defense.

Use Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions allow your partner to respond and express their opinions, needs, wants, and desires.

Explore Options and Don’t Make Demands

Ultimatums are not the way to go. It is not your way or no way. That is a toxic way of thinking and it creates a hostile, unhealthy relationship. Again, you and your partner want to be comfortable. If you want to spice up your sex life but one of you is hesitant. To remedy this you can slowly incorporate or build spicier acts into the bedroom. 

I didn’t want to group communication about sex in the bedroom and the defining the relationship talk in the same article. So, stay tuned for those! 

Written by Julie Cappiello 

Sunflower Seeds: Your 2020 Horoscope

Goodbye to 2019 and say hello to many more opportunities in the coming year! Here are some horoscope insights for the end of the year.

If you listen to my show, Sunflower Hour, you probably know by now that I read horoscopes on the show and talk about astrology. Since there are only a few months left in 2019, the signs can take advantage of new opportunities in 2020.  With that being said I’d like to give all the signs some insight on what 2020 is going to look like for everyone!

The Horoscopes

Aries: Enthusiasm and success are coming your way in 2020. This year will be very goal-oriented with good things coming your way. This is the year to put all your hard work and dedication to use, for you can manifest anything you put your mind to. All your previous dreams will start to become a reality.

Taurus: I am a Taurus myself if you can’t tell. This year seems like it’s going to be another building block for us. We have been putting in a lot of effort and hard work these past few years and we just have to keep pushing ourselves to reach our full potential. Late March through May should bring a lot of positive energy into our lives, so this is a good time to reach for what you want in life. 

Gemini: This upcoming year will be a solid foundation for what you want in life.  Pay attention to what you want and dig deep to accomplish that. This year will help bring great fortune into your life in the future if you dig deep now. 

Cancer: This is a year to help give and heal yourself and others. Giving your true love will empower your life more than you know. This year will be a good time to reflect on yourself and loved ones. Love may come become prominent with a close lover and a lover could become an ally. 

Leo: This year will be a year of knowledge and learning. You will be handling many responsibilities and dedicating your time to bringing the things you want into reality. Friendships will remain positive this year and become more vibrant.

Virgo: This is the year to find out who you really are. This is an empowering year for you because you will get a sense of yourself and your purpose. This will be a very healthy year for you in terms of mental and physical health, for this will allow you to do the things you have always wanted to do. 

Libra: This year you will cause powerful changes and help you grow tremendously as a person. This year shows that children can play a very important role in your life, so keep the young ones in your life loved. Believing in yourself is something to make sure you prioritize still.

Scorpio: This is a major growth year for you as well, Scorpio. Therefore, your efforts from the past still play an important part in your success that will be coming in this year, so make sure you are still working hard. The beginning of 2020 will have the biggest impact on your future and career.

Sagittarius: There will be a lot of change coming to your life over the course of 2020. This is a year to rework how you present yourself to world. Be ready to experience some dramatic changes, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Capricorn: This is the year to make your life what you want it to be. Love is likely to strike you this year either in a form of a new or old romance. Children play a role in your life this year too. This can be a significant year for you in terms of building a foundation for your future.

Aquarius: This year might resemble 2019 with the same energies. There is change right outside your door with all the hopes and dreams you longed for. It is time to take advantage of these hopes and dreams and turn them into the life you want to live.

Pisces: There will be a huge amount of abundance available to you this year found within the relationships that you form with yourself. Dreaming of your dreams without fear will allow them to happen without any disturbance. Go with the flow and be ready to accept the change that you have been longing for.

I have written these from reading information on various websites. It is my perspective on how 2020 will go, and I am not qualified under any circumstanced to write them professionally!

Written By: Nina Capuani