FoodieBooty: Gelato Cones on Iron Boards

This is FoodieBooty and for this week’s post, I needed to go somewhere refreshing! I needed a place that would remind me of the light beyond the tunnel and the overall lightness of being. Luckily, I found just the place. 

I am talking about An’s Dry Cleaning, an ice cream parlor on Adams Ave. which specializes in making high quality gelato you can smell, see, and best of all, taste. This ice cream shop is not really what you would expect an ice cream shindig to look like since it does not have cutesy ice cream cones painted on the walls or whipped cream clouds surrounding the menu as you struggle to make the pivotal choice in between a cup or cone.

Is it really an ice cream shop?

As the name explains, the shop is a place for dry cleaning not for ice cream.  As you walk in you see a clothes rack near the back which holds beautiful pastel dress shirts wrapped with the iconic glossy plastic that excites almost any home enthusiast or avid fashionista who just happens to be an immigration lawyer during the day. You see tables in the shapes of ironing boards, napkin holders in the shape of irons, lonesome hangers set in randomness, and the familiar tinge of fluorescent white light inherent to the dry cleaning trade. If it weren’t for the huge, altar-esque, freezer sitting at the center of the shop, one could be fooled into thinking it’s an actual dry cleaning spot. Especially because no one would think to match gelato to dry cleaning… 

But the owners of An’s did and it was a matter of finding the perfect location and not wanting to change its historic value. Instead, they decided to give An’s Dry Cleaning a second life, and I am so thankful that they did so. 

Now, let’s talk gelato. 

Dairy-Free Cone: Hemp & Rayon

An’s menu changes every 1-2 weeks depending on the season or different specialty events which inspire their chef to create magical, unexpected flavors of silky gelato. Super sustainable and cool, I know! But now, the best part: their flavors are named after fabrics!!! Like the ones you would send to the dry cleaners!!! Just this fact gets them a thousand booty points from me but in an attempt to be more objective, moving on. Since it was my first time at the shop, the cream-rista* saw my face of confusion and offered me a tasting tour of all the flavors available that week. I loved that part of the service because it means that no matter how many people end up coming to the store, the cream-rista’s will take the time to make you feel special and give you a personalized experience, thus showing how proud they are of their flavors and how badly they want you to choose the flavor that speaks to your heart.

The flavors of the week starting on Nov.1, were all vegan! The flavors were: 

A ginger-lemon palate cleanser

Linen: Pineapple, basil 

rPET: Kiwi, apple, spinach 

Burlap: Peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate 

Nullarbor: Coconut, pineapple

Barkcloth: Macadamia, soy

Hemp: Hazelnut praline, chocolate

Rayon: Chocolate, orange

I tried all of them!! And you can too!! 

All of the flavors have a very smooth and refreshing quality which usually describes the best gelato. In tasting the flavors, there weren’t any in which I struggled to taste the ingredients stated in the description. When it was pineapple, I felt the sweet hit of pineapple knocking out my tongue. When it was peanut butter, or macadamia, I felt the rich nuttiness of the gelato as it slowly melted away on my tongue. When it was hints of basil or soy, I could taste how these ingredients perfectly complemented their more present counterparts and added a complex magic of their own. As a whole I could taste the outstanding effort in quality sourcing of ingredients for each one of the flavors and although I did not end up loving all of them, I still find An’s entire menu incredibly admirable in its uniqueness and subtly angelic in its flavor and consistency.

I ended up ordering the Hemp and Rayon on a dairy-free cone, while the lovely mathematician, Eduardo (the cone to my gelato), ended up ordering the Burlap (cuz peanuts) and the Linen (cuz he diggin that pineapple after coming back from a conference in Hawaii). If you have ever tasted a ferrero rocher chocolate, then you know exactly what Hemp tasted like. It was a velvety gelato with only a slight grainy texture caused by the hazelnut praline and its crunchiness. I loved the flavor from the first taste because it was not overly sweet or chocolatey, it was perfectly balanced from nutty to chocolatey. I paired it up to the dense and decadent flavor that is Rayon because Hemp’s subtle cocoa notes were brought out by the intense and deep flavors of dark chocolate and orange zest. Rayon, although delicious and intoxicating, did end up being too overwhelming once ordered for the full scoop since it was made out of a chocolate with a pretty high bitterness index. 

Cone on the left: Linen & Burlap post lick
Dairy-Free Cone on the right: Hemp & Rayon post bite

My favorite flavors from all those tasted and ordered ended up being Linen, the palate cleanser, and Barkcloth! I know, none of the ones I ordered! However, these flavors were so beautifully fresh, fruity, and nutty that I would so happily go back for more anytime, any day. My least favorite were the Nullarbor and rPET, but not because I thought they were low quality but only because I found their flavors too sweet for Nullarbor and too vegetable-y for rPET.

Linen & rPET on cup
Taken by my amazing friend Rica, who is a regular at An’s!

When counting An’s incredibly unique style, concept, service, and flavors, it is impossible for me to think that someone would not like what they have to offer. Little details like the shop’s name, history, the fact that they accept flavor requests/ideas at this email address, has made me fall head over heels with them. I am sure to return for their Fluff & Fold membership program. 

In total I give them 4.8 booty points out of 5. Go for the flavors, go for the style, or just go because there is nothing else like it. As always I hope you enjoy, love u lil snacks.



An’s Dry Cleaning

North Park

3017 Adams Avenue

San Diego, CA 92116

(619) 450-6166

Insta: @adcgelato

12:00p to 11:00p Mon – Fri

11:00a to 11:00p Sat & Sun

FoodieBooty: Death Metal & Vegan Kabobs at Kindred

What’s up lil’ snacks? This is FoodieBooty and for this week’s post, I treated myself — Goth style — at San Diego’s renowned vegan bar, Kindred.

Midterms have fallen upon SDSU and if any of you know what that means, you know I’ve been in pain. The horror of the past week has called for a meal so delicious and decadent that it would make me forget all about the trauma also known as midterm season. So with this cause in mind, I chose to taste KINDRED in South Park because I knew it was going to be bomb and because google defines it as a “Whimsical, eccentric space for contemporary vegan fare & drinks complemented by death-metal tunes”, and that’s just too good for a romantic like me to ignore.

The first thought as you walk into the restaurant is that you’re in the wrong place. When I think of a vegan restaurant I think micro-greens, Bob Marley, some random people doing yoga poses outside the window, and advertisements for mindfulness by the cashiers. KINDRED is none of these things.

KINDRED is more like the vegan cousin who moved to New York to be a poet but then failed, became an alcoholic, dabbled in hardcore drugs, and touched rock bottom until he was saved by discovering the wonders of death metal, seitan, and cats as pets.

KINDRED is edgy, dark, and just like Google says, “whimsical.” It has beautiful granite tables and a granite bar perfectly complemented by dim lighting and an elegant ceiling filled with tiny mirrors. As soon as I walked in I felt Tim Burton/witchcraft/Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets vibes that I had never experienced in relation to food. I was excited to try the food and even more excited to try the drinks!!! So lemme dig in here and tell you what I thought.

The Drinks

Something funny about KINDRED is that there are more pages in the menu dedicated to drinks than to food. They take their alcohol very seriously, and it shows. I ordered a drink called “Horrorchata” because I was feeling sweet and the Mexican inside was begging for it.

It was a concoction made with bourbon, brandy, biscotti liqueur, forbidden rice horchata, and mole bitters. Granted, apart from the horchata, I have no idea what half of these ingredients are or what they are meant to bring to the table but, I can tell you that this drink was seriously delicious. It is not for the lighthearted (or lightweights teehee) because upon the first sip this drink deep throats you with bourbon. But as it sits in your mouth it becomes sweet, creamy, cinnamon-y and slightly bitter. What gives the horror to the chata is the dark tint added to the drink which is usually white but it honestly could be the hangover a day later if you drink more than 2 of these with your dinner.

The other drink shown in the picture is the one my Old-Fashion, whiskey-loving sister ordered and it was a specialty drink not on the menu. I thought I would hate it because I usually hate the taste of whiskey, but combined with lime and the other special KINDRED juju, it was pretty tasty with just enough sweetness and hints of wood.

The Main Squeeze: The Starters

Now let me talk about what I really went to KINDRED for. It all started with the puffs… The beautiful, buttery, amazing puffs…

The dish is called “Herb Puffs” and they’re what I wanna float away in when my spirit makes its way to wherever it ends up going. I ordered them because according to my sister, it was the most hyped menu item when she looked up KINDRED and let me tell you: THE HYPE IS SO LIVED UP TO, IT DIED AND THESE HERB PUFFS RESUSCITATED IT!

I expected little fluffy bread balls with some kind of special butter but these extraordinary mini croissants were what I received. The plate comes with about 8 puffs dressed in butter and herbs, and they are accompanied by a vibrant spicy mayo. Taking a bite out of this puff is like biting a buttery, savory, crunchy cloud, and when dipped in the tangy spicy mayo, the fat in the puff is perfectly balanced and they practically become crack. If you order anything from here, please do me a favor and just order the puffs.

The next dish we ordered was the “Skewers” of chargrilled seitan (veggie protein) bathed in chimichurri, horseradish aioli, and harissa. This dish was the most dynamic and interestingly flavorful from the bunch we ordered.

The seitan was beautifully tender on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. It tasted smokey and peppery and the 3 sauces were the perfect complement to it. The chimichurri was zingy, the aioli was creamy, and the harissa had a sensual bite to it. Although two of the sauces were cream-based, the dish itself did not sit too heavy on the palate or stomach. The dish comes with three skewers and it is so good I could have honestly called it a day after this dish.

Moving on: The Entrees

We ordered two entrees. A sandwich called, “The Dip” and a dish called “Soul Crush”. The sandwich had shaved peppered seitan, grilled peppers and onions, lemon cilantro garlic butter, tapioca mozzarella, porcini mushroom Au Jus (the dipping juice), and potato chips on the side. This sandwich is a play on the french dip sandwich made famous by Los Angeles. Kindred’s version is a hot sandwich that is meant to be dipped in the savory mushroom Au jus with a baby soft bun, thin slices of seitan and perfectly melted mozzarella. This sandwich was perfect. It hit all the notes of salty, sweet, savory, fatty, and umami, and in terms of textures, it was a dream. With the tender seitan, the juicy juice, the crunchy sauteed onions, the melty cheese, and the unbelievably crispy potato chips, the sandwich was truly da bomb.

The “Soul Crush” on the other hand was the first thing I disliked about KINDRED. It is described as one of the most ordered items, composed of cornmeal-crusted gardein, parsnip potato mash, broccolini, creamy cashew beer mac, and tomato lemongrass veloute. The plate itself looked beautiful but once I got to tasting, the dish was not as beautiful as it looked.

The chicken had a gorgeous crust to it that was crunchy and very well seasoned. But, the chicken patty inside the crust was actually pretty bland and the mac and cheese under it was creamy and spicy but not flavorful. The broccolini were cooked in al dente heaven with a tart vinaigrette enveloping its charred leaves and were the tastiest part of the dish. The parsnip potato mash was very smooth and buttery but it had a flowery aftertaste to it that was somewhat unpleasant. The tomato lemongrass veloute was very tasty and had a smooth texture to it. The only drawback from the sauce was that it came in a little tub on the side, and since it made the dish come together the small amount included was not enough to save the dish. I don’t want to make it seem like it was inedible because it wasn’t! But, it was the first dish from the ones we ordered that did not blow my taste buds away through its components or cohesion.

The Belle of the Ball? Dessert.

My sister and I ordered the brownie because of course.

I was craving a rich, fudgy, warm brownie that would sink my worries with the depths of cocoa and fudge. With its description as a TCHO chocolate brownie, with a blood orange-red wine gastrique and pistachio cacao nib bark, I thought that would be exactly what I would get. However, what I got was very different. An itty bitty brownie arrived sitting on a violent yet poetic splatter of red wine reduction with some shards of bark on the top and sprawled around.

Surprisingly, the good parts of this dish were everything but the brownie itself… The gastrique was perfectly acidic and bright with the citric notes of the blood orange wonderfully balanced with the taste of wine. The pistachio cacao nib bark was superb! It was slightly salty, nutty, and super dark chocolate-y, so if you are more of a die-hard hershey’s lover then you probably would not like it. But for those with a love for chocolate as dark as their twisted souls (like me), this bark would be the highlight of the dish.

Now for what I didn’t like. The brownie was very similar in size to one of those mini brownies they sell at Costco. It was the skinny version of the dessert I thought it would be. The taste itself was good at first but as I chewed more the taste of the chocolate became synthetic and reminded me of what play-doh smells like. It was not a spit-out meal but it wasn’t very pleasant either. The texture was fudgy on the inside and had a nice crust but it didn’t have the taste to back it up. I decided to just skip the brownie and have the delish pistachio bark with the wine gastrique and that was delicious on its own. I’m thinking it might have been an off batch since everything else was almost perfect but I would still recommend skipping the brownie if you want something with more umph!

Final Booty Points

Oh KINDRED, I love you so. Your service is so fast, welcoming, and accommodating. Your design is so edgy and unique, it makes me feel edgy and unique just for being there. Your merch bar including sick T-shirts, bandanas, pins, and stickers, is sooo cool. Your food is majestic (specially the puffs and skewers, the soul food and brownie not so much)! Your drinks are as powerful as they are innovative. And your interpretation of veganism is magnificently opposite to whatever anyone thinks of veganism.

The only thing I might deduct points on would be on the price since my bill came out to $84.35 bucks…. However, I did order almost everything on the menu so I still think it’s pretty affordable for a nice night out if you only get a drink and some starters.

Out of 5 points, I give KINDRED a nice and even 4.2. For the mix of the experience, taste, and textures. I strongly recommend bringing someone on a hot date at night, or a cute lively date when they have brunch on the weekends. The pancakes look BOMB.

Until next time,

Foodie Booty: Pilot

Hello, lil’ snacks! This is FoodieBooty and this week’s topic is all about the primordially sweet, secondarily spicy, sometimes umami, but never ever salty: me!

Before you say anything, I am aware that this is a food blog and even though I consider myself a full royal meal, there’s no chance you’re eating me so why should you care? I’ll tell you why.

After this post, each one of my posts will include an intensely passionate and honest critique of whatever restaurant/cafe/bar/etc., summons my attention and saliva (with nudes of the food included). But for today’s post, I just wanted you to know who I am in terms of life, taste, and general vibes, and how all of that translates into this food blog. 

My name will remain confidential because I think that’s pretty cool. You will know me as FoodieBooty just like you know Batman, Prince, and El Buki. A concealed entity whose identity is as cool and mysterious as their work. Just instead of saving cities or changing the music world forever, I will eat my way through the cities of San Diego and Tijuana, and write all about it on this blog! Pretty heroic, I know.

Anyways, more about me. I am originally from Tijuana, Mexico and only live in San Diego when I have to go back to studying business and environment at San Diego State University. I grew up in a mustard yellow Mexican house, in which food was a member of the family. As a kid, I was taught to see food as an expression of the soul which symbolizes love, unity, and vitality. When I think of food, I think of rose colored first loves, belly-aching laughs, and those sweet memories we always seem to remember in a fog of fuzz and idealism.

In shorter words, when I think of I think of the best parts of being human. As you can probably tell, I can talk and write about food full-on Neruda style but that is just because I think there’s nothing better than to feel love and give love through it. But as an end to my soliloquy, I will say that the main purpose of this blog is both for me to have an outlet for this borderline psychotic love for food and hopefully to send all you lil’ snacks to some bomb, tasty places you’ll never forget!

I will go to both bougie and not so bougie places, both hyped and non-hyped places. I will try to hit all the categories, genres, and textures, all while sharing my honest and sometimes eccentric opinions, which you might not agree with all of the time. But if you don’t agree, food debate is one of my favorite activities in the world so please do not hesitate in leaving comments on why you think I’m wrong or other places you think I should try!

So enough about me! Check out the next post to see what I think about South Park’s goth-y vegan restaurant/bar with very strong cat-owner vibes.

Welcome to the juicy and ethnically diverse booty that is Foodie Booty!

Written by: Foodie Booty

Call Me by Your Name Soundtrack: A Review (Kind Of)

“Call Me by Your Name,” directed by Luca Guadagnino, is a gorgeous film set in Northern Italy during the summer of 1983. It is a story about 17-year-old Elio Perlman and the love that grows between him and his father’s doctoral student, Oliver. It is a film based on the novel of the same name, that is very obviously a love story. But, it proves to be so much more as it reflects upon universal themes of longing, tenderness and unapologetic love. From its adapted screenplay to its cinematography, this film is a delicate yet colorful portrait of an Italian summer in the ’80s filled with desire, love and spontaneity.

Upon watching this movie, I knew I wanted to write about its brilliance and rave about its beauty. However, I do not trust myself not to spend the next hundred+ words just babbling and gushing about how pretty it was and how much it “meant” to me… eew. So what I’ll do instead is talk about the film’s gorgeous, beautiful, never done before, spectacular soundtrack. If there’s anything I am unapologetically confident about it is my love for music, and this soundtrack blew me away. So, I need all of you to be blown away as well.

The soundtrack is comprised of 17 songs by various artists and it was curated by the film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, film editor, Walter Fasano, and music supervisor Robin Urdang. The three types of songs that make up the album are classical piano tunes, ’80s hits and heavenly indie folk by the angelic songwriter Sufjan Stevens. The eclectic mix of songs seems like an unfortunate pairing at first listen, but in the end the soundtrack is a mixtape which explores the depth of sorrow and joy.

The classical songs by Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Adams and Valeria Szervanszky set a playful tone that can be felt throughout the entire film. Songs like “Hallejuah Junction,” “Sonatine Bureaucratique” and “Le jardin féerique” have an air of sophistication that I thought would clash with the pop heavy sounds of ’80s classics such as “Paris Latino” and “Words.” Funnily enough, when played together the two types of music evoke feelings of youth and curiosity, leaving me simultaneously excited and pensive. My favorite classical song on the soundtrack is “Une Barque sur l’Ocean” from Andre Laplante because it makes me feel like I am living within a Monet painting, but also because it goes so well with the sensual delicacy of the film’s cinematography. The songs on the soundtrack by The Psychedelic Furs, Bandolero and F.R. David are perfect given their power to immediately transport you to the ’80s. They give you the urge to dance and to have someone dance with you.

What brings this entire soundtrack together and makes it the beautiful masterpiece that it is, is the three Sufjan Steven songs “Mystery of Love,” “Futile Devices” and “Visions of Gideon.” Lucas Guadagnino approached Stevens to write a song inspired by the story. Stevens used the script and the novel to write Oscar nominated “Mystery of Love,” and my personal favorite “Visions of Gideon.” I know I am entering the zone of hyperbole here, but bare with me because these songs really are the epitome of sentiment and the true expression of what it is to be beloved. They are the perfect close to a soundtrack that goes through all the emotional highs and lows. They remind me what it is to be smitten and filled to the brim with romantic fuzziness, but at the same time they take me to tear inducing heartbreak and moments of soulful sorrow.

If you have not seen the film, I very very highly recommend it! If not for the soundtrack, or the cinematography or whatever artsy shpeel, at least do it to fall in love with the gorgeous Timothee Chalamet.