KCR Office Phone and Voicemail – (619) 594-7014
Staff members can be reached by email.

KCR Studio Request Line – (619) 594-6982


Position Name Contact Email
General Manager Brett Michel kcr.generalmanager (at)
Executive Communications Director Natalie Bucher
Executive Creative Content Director Sarah Anderson
Programming Director Sumner Shoney kcr.programming (at)
Music Promotions Director Tisha Mora kcr.promotions (at)
Music Promotions Director Lucy Rosenthal kcr.promotions (at)
Marketing Director Mario Sutka  kcr.advertising (at)
Music Director Alicia Hoole (at)
Web/Content Director Peter Swan kcr.content (at)
Sports Director Kyle Saunders kcr.sports (at)
News Director Julie Cappiello (at)
Video Director Ahmad Dixon (at)
Video Director Caitlyn David (at)
Production Director Jordan White
Chief Engineer Maddi Baird
Web Engineer Nick Lagrasso