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The Goldmine-Killers by Iron Maiden

Today we are going back to 1981 to our second foray into the metal scene. Between when they helped start the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with Iron Maiden in 1980 and when they gave the genre it...

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Souvenir of the Week: Advance and Vanquish

Hey there fellow tourists! Before we get on with things I have to tell you all that this Souvenir of the Week comes with a warning. If you hadn’t guessed from the title of the post or the album art...

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KCR News & Entertainment

KCR College Radio streaming live from your Android

Download the free KCR app for your Android device. See what song your favorite DJ is currently playing and access a list of recently played songs.

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TV with Tony: Why “30 Rock” Rocked

Following a binge-session which cost me a week of sleep, three tubs of ice cream, and my sanity, I can officially say that 30 Rock is by far the smartest and funniest sitcom of this era of televisi...

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Sports Updates

Aztecs Evade Matadors

meta name=”description” content=”INSERT DESCRIPTION SENTENCE OR SHORT SUMMARY OF POST HERE” /> The Aztecs faced off against CSU Northridge Tuesday night.  Things stayed q...

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Patrick’s Sports Roundup

Patrick’s AztecRoundup is back after two weeks, here’s a look at what’s happened on the Mesa. Softball neck-and-neck, O’Toole leading the way SDSU’s softball squad has been churning out victories t...

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19 Apr
06 Apr

Beatles Marathon!

6:00 am - 10:00 am
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29 Mar
27 Mar

The Lucky Lonely live @the Farmer’s Market

San Diego State University 12:00 pm - 3:03 pm
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KCR College Radio: The Sound of State

KCR is an internet based radio station run by students at the San Diego State University that provides music, sports, and talk programs to the SDSU community.

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