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What is KCR?
Since 1969, KCR is an independent, student-run radio station at San Diego State University.

Where is the station located?
You can find us on the bottom floor of the communication building.

Who can join KCR?
Any SDSU student who is interested in broadcasting can join KCR. Because SDSU currently does not have a broadcast journalism major or a student-run television station, KCR is the only broadcast outlet on campus that offers consistent hands-on, real-life experience. KCR includes every type of programming- music, sports, news and entertainment. We are always open to new ideas and would love to hear yours.

Even if you are an aspiring television broadcaster, KCR offers great ways to learn and hone your broadcasting skills.

What previous experience do I need to join?
None, zeo, zilch. Unlike a broadcast-related internship or entry-level job, any SDSU student can get on the air right away. All we ask for is your commitment, motivation and adherence to our General Expectations and Responsibilities.

What positions are available?
KCR offers every type of on-air position, including:

On air positions:

  • Host
  • Reporter
  • DJ

Other positions:

  • Producer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Blogger
  • Videographer & Video Editor

For a list of positions we are currently recruiting for, check out the Apply page.

What is the block schedule?
Block scheduling refers to blocks of programming that are centered around one interest. For example, the alt/rock music block of programming occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a few hours. If you are an alt/rock DJ, you will chose an hour within that block to play your  music. This way our listeners can tune in consistently at the same time to get they content they want to hear.

When and how can I join?
KCR is constantly looking to expand and welcomes new talent every semester. Anyone interested in joining KCR may apply under the join tab by clicking apply. The submission window for new applications will be open during the first two weeks of the upcoming semester.