Hello, my lil’ snacks!

This is FoodieBooty once again and I know I have been going on and on about ice cream but I promise you this will be the last one for a WHILE. Hopefully anyways.

Today I will be talking about a place that is dangerously close to my place of residence. A place that is a true MECA for Mexicans and ice cream lovers alike. A place that delivers love, nostalgia, and flavor, all in one skinny wooden stick. I am talking about Holy Paleta! A tiny but mighty storefront in the heart of Bonita in the Chula Vista area.

If you have any Mexican or Latino in you, your mouth is already salivating. Or as we say where I’m from “se te está cayendo la baba.” But if you don’t have that, don’t worry, pictures of these pops will get anyone salivating in no time.

So, what is a paleta?

Paletas, according to Morelia’s Gourmet, are “a Mexican frozen treat made from fresh natural fruits such as strawberry and mango or made from rich creamy ingredients such as Chocolate and Sicilian pistachio.” I am a little biased but if you asked me I’d tell you that a paleta is heaven on a stick. They can be your savior on a hot day, a friend under the covers on a cloudy day, a moment to share laughs and licks with your best friends, or a quick escape to your memories feeling like a tropical queen enrobed by pink hammocks and sun-kissed skin. A paleta is not just a popsicle; it is a burst of happiness that can take on so many different tones, shapes, and flavors. It is a quick moment of peace, joy, and whatever flavor you could possibly imagine!

In Tijuana, I was used to seeing paletas everywhere. Michoacanas (home to paletas and snacks galore) can be spotted every 2 to 4 blocks and Oxxos (Mexican 7-11s) carry a pretty nice selection of tasty paletas. However, when I started living on the U.S. side of the border, I noticed that good paletas were much harder to come by and thus a treat I had to reserve for weekends back home. Holy Paleta has changed that.

The Experience

Located very close to Rohr Park on Bonita, Holy Paletas has its storefront snugly fit in between a hip hop dance studio and a Mexican fruteria called “Frutas.” You can spot it right away by the huge paleta design that covers its entire front window. When you walk in you immediately notice two things. First, how stunning, vibrant and delicious their paletas are. Second, how impressively small the store is. It is a serious no fart zone.

Let’s get back to the paletas though. Two huge freezers take up most of the space, with one carrying all the non-dairy flavors and another carrying those with dairy flavors. Flavors such as avocado, coffee filled with condensed milk, mazapan, acai, and chamango, fill your eyes with excitement but also so many questions of what to order. 

When I went for the first time, I wanted ALL the paletas. I wanted a dozen of the avocado, a couple of the mazapan, a bunch of the arroz con leche (rice pudding), and one of the chamango, to break the sweetness obviously. But then, I saw the true jewel of service which Holy Paleta offers. They not only sell mouth-watering, high quality paletas, they also let you BATHE the paleta in the chocolate and crunchy toppings of your choice in whichever ratio you deem appropriate!! They have some arrangements already set in their menu such as the “Pop Spicy” which is a mango paleta topped with dried chili mango and drizzled to the death in chamoy, and the “Cookie Monster” which is a cookies and cream paleta dipped in milk chocolate, topped with chips ahoy and oreo crumbles and also drizzled to the death with milk chocolate. However, you can order whatever paleta and configuration speaks to your heart on any given day!

My first time I had an avocado paleta with dark chocolate dip and chocolate crispearls as a topping. It was incredible. The paleta without any of the dips and toppings is creamy and has a beautiful avocado taste that is the perfect balance in between sweet and savory. If you’re afraid of sweet avocado taste, don’t be. Paired with the dark chocolate and chocolate crunchies, the flavor combination covered my mouth with sweet avocado contrasted with the depth of the dark chocolate dip.

Ever since that first time, I have gone back repeatedly with friends, family and the dip to my paleta, Eduardo. I have tried every combination imaginable like strawberry with chili and dried mango, key lime pie with dark chocolate and pistachios, and coffee stuffed with condensed milk smothered in dark chocolate. As you can see, the first couple times I  tried to do the math on how many toppings and dips I could possibly fit into one paleta and I recommend it to anyone who is a first-timer at Holy Paleta. However, I have found that so many toppings fog up the paleta experience as the chocolate or crunchies overpower the taste of the amazing paleta. Holy Paleta makes amazing paletas that you might think don’t stand on their own because of all the “fru fru” that they offer to jazz them up. But, the naked paletas are just as good as the most amazing looking paleta you could possibly make.

Now, when I go to Holy Paleta I either order two bare paletas or one with a simple chocolate dip. I love their paleta flavors and textures as they remind me of home whilst adding a layer of fun novelty and innovation. My favorites are the avocado, key lime pie, sandia con chile, and creamy coconut paleta.

The Verdict

Holy Paleta is a fun, grab and go paleta store that I highly encourage people to visit at least once. Although it might seem like pure novelty, it is a place that has delicious, creamy, and refreshing high quality paletas accompanied by a taste of joyful Mexican culture. When I think of Holy Paleta, I think of love, family, and yes please! I give it 4 out of 5 booty points. I would give it a closed 5 but I reserve that for the paletas in Acapulco.

Until later my dear snacks! Love u! 

P.S. Holy Paleta is opening up a new location in Little Italy soon so keep an eye out for that! They also sell chocolate-covered frozen bananas and conchas filled with ice cream if paletas are not your jam.

Holy Paleta

4230 Bonita Rd suite b, Bonita, CA 91902

Holy Paleta Instagram

Written by: FoodieBooty