Do you know your love language?

Love encompasses so many facets and truthfully it is complicated. First what the heck is a love language?

Dr. Gary Chapman defines love languages as the way in which you express and receive love. He highlights 5 love languages which are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Before we embark on each if you would like to take the quiz, I encourage you to do so here!

The 5 Love Languages

First up, “Words of Affirmation”, it is obvious to say that words mean a great deal to you, but it is the truth. When people speak to you, you find yourself analyzing what they say. You may appreciate when your significant other compliments you or motivates you.

Next, “Acts of Service” which is more in line with the phrase actions speak louder than words. You may appreciate when your significant other runs an errand that you were too busy to complete. An individual with this love language doesn’t just want to hear you talk about doing something they want you to actually do it.

Moving on, “Receiving Gifts” when I first saw this love language, I automatically assumed materialistic. While some people may be materialistic not everyone who has “Receiving Gifts” as their top love language cares about fancy expensive gifts. Someone may appreciate that you got them something while you were, because it shows that you were thinking about them even 1,000 miles away.

“Quality Time” this was actually my top love language, which was not surprising because I enjoy spending the day with my significant other. I also love being with them and doing little things like running errands or watching movies. Some may view this has clingy, but isn’t that partly the reason you are in a relationship? Do you not love spending time with your boo?

Last but not least, “Physical Touch” this love language at first seemed more lustful and I thought it just meant that the person enjoys sex. However, if your love language is “Physical Touch” you may appreciate a light squeeze from your significant other when you are sitting together. You may be more inclined to hold hands and be close. Closeness is something you deem important in a relationship.

Now what?

Of course, take all this information with a grain of salt. Some (dare I say most) individuals have multiple love languages. Love is not stagnant, and it is important to know how you and your significant other may express love.

Best wishes in all your love endeavors and remember don’t change for folks.

Written By: Jasmine Alexander