You Should Know: Your new favorite band The Maine

For this last You Should Know post of the semester I talk about one of my all-time favorite bands, The Maine.

Normally, I would recommend some of my favorite songs from the band and explain why I like them, but my love for The Maine is based on a lot more than just their music.

I’ve been listening to The Maine for over eight years now. They were my first concert in 2011. I’ve grown with them along the years, and have been able to see them create a personal and unique experience through what they do.

Of course it all begins with music.

The first album of theirs I got was 2011’s Pioneer. It remains on my favorite albums list; “Like We Did (Windows Down)” and “Don’t Give Up On “Us”” are still two of my favorite, most listened to songs today. I actually heard the entire album live a couple weeks before its release, front row in a small venue on the tour to present the album. Listening to the music itself provides quite a raw and personal feeling, and the live concert emphasized that even more. Eight years later and The Maine has only made that experience feel even more special. Despite playing bigger venues, having a larger fanbase to play for, and having more responsibilities as a bigger artist, The Maine is still the same sweet group of people who go way above and beyond to make their band meaningful, and create a family within what they do.

The Maine understands the importance of the band’s relationship with their fans.

The question “Why would you pay money to meet a human being?” sums up their philosophy, and led to free meet-and-greets and even a 100% free tour. The Maine have kept that personal feeling all throughout their career because they stay true to their humanity. They would have gotten nowhere without their fans, and they know that. Fans of The Maine made it possible for them to independently release albums, because at the heart of everything is the love and support for the music.

Their music has always been very candid. “Happy” and “Waiting for My Sun to Shine” (and its hidden track) deal with depression/sadness and “24 Floors” poignantly tells the story of frontman John O’Callaghan’s thoughts of taking his own life. Speaking about these topics allowed for their listeners to find solace in the band and in each other. That connection created the 8123 Family, the band’s fanbase that is so much more than that.

The 8123 Family is always there for each other, and that includes the band themselves.

From giving fans free tickets to shows, to randomly sending fans flowers or coffee, The Maine is always looking out for the people that love them and loving them in return. They take giving back even farther with 8123 Impact. In select cities on tour, the band organizes charity events for fans to take part in, including volunteering at food banks and other local organizations. And you can find the band members right there alongside the fans, all working together to help make a difference.

In everything The Maine does, it is so obvious that they truly care. The love they put into their work is like no other. And the love they receive from their fans in the 8123 family is quite special, too. 

Become part of the 8123 Family and listen to The Maine’s newest album You Are OK here.

Written by: Emerson Redding

You Should Know: Flipturn & Early Eyes

This week on You Should Know are Flipturn and Early Eyes; I’ve been listening to these two bands for over two years because a friend recommended them and I was hooked. I hope you’ll feel the same.

Flipturn from Facebook.

Formed in high school in 2015, Flipturn is a five-piece band from Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Their first EP Heavy Colors was released in 2017, and includes the first Flipturn song I ever heard: “Vanilla.” I loved how they sounded like a group of friends who all shared a love of music and came together to create just for fun, and ended up making some really good tunes. My favorite off the EP is probably the last song “Hypoxia,” for its more emotional sound, with “Cold” as a close second.

Staying with a band from their first release and being able to watch them grow is quite a special thing.

With Flipturn, I fell in love with their first songs and was amazed by the new love I felt from their new stuff. The raw indie-pop sound of Heavy Colors only grew and got better. Seven track Citrona, released last year, still carries that raw sound, but their growth as musicians and as a band is apparent. Complete with samples and interludes, Citrona brings a more developed feel of Flipturn. My favorite track off the EP is “August,” which features Dillon Basse’s unique and powerful vocals accompanied by dream-like guitar that tells a story of a lost love. The acoustic version trades a heavier rock sound for beautiful strings and doesn’t lose the power the original has.

Listen to Flipturn’s newest single “Eleanor” here.

Early Eyes from Facebook.

Similar to Flipturn, I’ve listened to Early Eyes since their first official release with “Waste of Time” in 2017 and I’ve loved everything they’ve put out since.

Following their first single, the Minneapolis-based band released their first EP Minutes that would bring the first of three wonderful EPs from Early Eyes over the next about a year and a half. My favorite song off Minutes is “All It Will Be” because of the dramatic shift in sound it has between the beginning and end of the song. The next EP the band put out was over a year later, called Decorating. The first track “Penelope” existed only in a live/demo format before the EP’s release, and fans were very excited to finally have a studio version of one of their favorite Early Eyes songs (me included). The sound of Decorating reflects some of the growth the band did as people within the year and provides a sense of “coming into their own” for Early Eyes as they continued to grow as a band.

Their Latest EP All Shades of Teal continues to showcase the musical growth of the band.

My favorite off All Shades of Teal is “Holding Hands”, a slower song than usual that includes emotional piano and strings. I also love “Patternless” because it’s slightly slower too and shows the versatility of Early Eyes. It’s been over a year since All Shades of Teal came out, and I have been eager to hear more. The band just returned home from recording in LA, and will hopefully release new music very soon.

In the meantime, listen to Early Eyes here in anticipation for their new music.

Written by: Emerson Redding

You Should Know: Little Comets & Sure Sure

This week on You Should Know are two of my top favorite bands, Little Comets and Sure Sure, both of which create unique music that keeps you listening.

Photo from Facebook

Most of Little Comets’ music is guitar-driven with captivating drums.

“Adultery,” “One Night In October,” and “Joanna” are great songs off their first album In Search Of Elusive Little Comets which they are celebrating the 10-year-anniversary of soon. One of my favorites off that album is “Intelligent Animals”, one of the special occasions where the band turns to the piano as the main instrument. The piano has always been the instrument that draws the most emotion from me and the beautiful melody that is paired with singer Robert Coles’ intense vocals makes this song quite powerful. Poignant “The Assisted” is also primarily piano; and my top favorite Little Comets song is their piano version of “Waiting in the Shadows in the Dead of Night,” a song about the inevitable loss of a loved one.

Following the release of last album Worhead in 2017, Little Comets has been putting out singles with the most recent being “3 Minute Faltz.”

This song captures the band very well, with strong guitar and even some piano if you listen close enough. It also features intricate lyrics on various social issues that opens with the line “total sexist adoration spills across a stilted nation” and just keeps going, complete with equally as intricate delivery.

Another thing I love about Little Comets is the unique art design, specifically the writing, found in everything they release and the effort that goes into it.

Listen to Little Comets here and follow them on Twitter here.

Photo from Facebook

If you’ve seen a recent viral video of a horse dancing, you’ve heard Sure Sure.

The song in the background is Sure Sure’s cover of “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads. It’s one of my favorite songs by them, and also my favorite song live. I actually saw the band live before ever listening to them, and I knew they would end up becoming one of my favorite bands because of how good their performance was. I cannot stress enough how much you should see them live; they’re coming back here in April opening for COIN at The Observatory, so if you can make it you should definitely go.

Every single one of Sure Sure’s songs are so good and they continue to get better. If I could list every song here to recommend, I would. But here are some of my favorites from the LA-based band.

Starting off with their first EP Songs From 2014, “The Girls” has a perfect blend of synth/keys, drums, and guitar (and also a shaker when they perform it live) and is a good introduction to the band. “The Caller” is still one of my favorite Sure Sure tracks, and I particularly love the guitar riff and piano that starts about a third of the way through. Another one of their older songs “New York New Dog” is also one of my favorites.

Their self-titled album has more songs with that perfect blend, notably “Giants” and “Friends.” From newest EP What’s It Like?, my favorites are “Good Thing” and “Out Of My Element.” Sure Sure is very talented at making songs that don’t sound the same or repetitive, while keeping the same zestful personality created by that perfect blend that keeps you intrigued with every song.

Sure Sure also goes beyond just making good music.

They’ve created a street team called True Friends where fans can get things like unreleased songs and special merch, as well as be part of a Facebook group where fans can interact with each other and the band. They also have a phone number you can reach them on if you have questions or just want to talk to them: (657) 444-7579. The way they interact with fans/True Friends is another aspect that makes them, in my opinion, one of the best bands. 

Listen to Sure Sure here and watch a past episode of KCR’s Secret Sessions to learn more about the band here.

Written by: Em Redding

You Should Know: SPINN & Lewis Watson

This week on You Should Know, are two of my favorite British artists: SPINN and Lewis Watson who are unafraid to dabble in a mix of sounds.

Photo from Facebook

Self-proclaimed “#ApproachableLads” from Liverpool, SPINN, make some of my favorite dreamy indie tunes.

Songs like “Foundations” and “Notice Me” perfectly capture a carefree feeling of warmth you would expect to find in indie pop. Drawing inspiration from The Smiths, “Who You Are” and “Is There Something That I Missed?” are a couple of my favorite SPINN songs that are not only fun to listen to, but also to dance to.

Their self-titled debut album, released earlier this May, is full of tracks with many different vibes.

As lead singer Johnny Quinn said, “there’s a song in there for everyone”, whether you prefer more upbeat songs or more emotional sounding ones like “Heaven Sent” and “July at a Glance”. My personal favorite SPINN song “November” from their first EP is a perfect mix of multiple moods, and definitely worth multiple listens.

SPINN has continued to gain more popularity within their home country of England, and internationally, since releasing their first music in 2017. The band has also continued to produce great songs that are easy to fall in love with, which is why I’ve been a fan of them for over a year now. 

You can listen to SPINN’s newest acoustic EP (which has an alluring cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”) here and follow them on Instagram here.

Photo from Facebook

In addition to indie pop/rock, I also love the acoustic/pop/folk genre, which singer-songwriter Lewis Watson does beautifully.

The first song I heard by Lewis was “halo” off his debut album the morning and I instantly knew he was something special. His earlier music especially manages to feel both delicate and powerful at the same time and I strongly commend him for that.

Departing from his softer first EPs and album, Lewis’ sophomore album Midnight takes on a fuller sound.

In contrast to his mainly acoustic previous music, Midnight incorporates electric guitar, stronger drums, and overall a more upbeat feeling in songs like “give me life” and “forever.” His acoustic guitar can still be found in the album, primarily in songs “When the Water Meets the Mountains” and “run.” Every song on the album and their unique sounds complement each other perfectly. However, if you prefer his acoustic sound, he also has an entirely acoustic version of the album, which is equally as beautiful as the original.

Some of my favorite Lewis Watson songs are actually covers. 

Lewis started out on YouTube posting covers and since then has mastered the art of taking a song and making it his own. “lamplight,” originally by Bombay Bicycle Club, and “made up love song #43,” originally by Guillemots, have remained at the top of my favorite songs for years now. 

More recently, he released a three-song cover EP nineties, noughties, tennies with a song each from the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. My favorite out of the three is his take on Post Malone’s “Congratulations”. 

Listen to Lewis Watson’s newest release “Fly When I Fall – Acoustic Version” here and follow him on Twitter here

Written by: Emerson Redding