Up-and-Coming Hardcore Band: Dangerkids

Last week, I profiled a band that sounded like Iron Maiden, so continuing with the trend of bands resembling older metal bands, these guys sound undeniably like a post-hardcore version of Linkin Park.

Dangerkids hails from Dayton, Ohio and is currently signed to Rise Records (sorry if that scares you away). I’m 100 percent serious that the only way people can’t draw similarities between them and Linkin Park is if they’ve never heard of them before. However, Dangerkids goes above and beyond by fusing the post-hardcore genre with it’s screaming, clean vocals and breakdowns with Linkin Park’s rapping and electronic style of their older songs.

In case you’re wondering, Dangerkids is copying bands, but rather paying homage to the bands that influence their style. In Light Escapes Dangerkids even mentions them by name and references Innerpartysystem (an awesome electronic rock group you should also check out). But like I already said, it’s almost impossible to draw similarities. Listen to Paper Thin to hear what I mean.

Variety is the name of the game for Dangerkids. The combination and constant transitioning between singing, rapping and screaming keeps their songs from getting stale. The same could be said about the fusion of electronic music with the usual guitar, bass and drums (with occasional instances of piano). This makes Dangerkids a perfect balance of nostalgia and modern post-hardcore.

As of now Dangerkids only has one album out, Collapse, but I was honestly surprised when I found out their Facebook page only has a little more than 50,000 likes. Debut albums don’t necessarily establish a sound, so it’ll be interesting to see how they grow. Hopefully, they differ from Linkin Park, in that they make more than a few good albums before going downhill.

Up-and-Coming Hardcore Band: SycAmour

SycAmour Indulgence: A Saga of Lights

A countless amount post-hardcore/metalcore bands have singing, but few can sing as well as SycAmour. Even though their Facebook page describes them under the genres of rock, aggressive alternative and sex (this one’s accurate because their music will make sweet, sweet love to your ears), fans of Issues and Crown The Empire will feel right at home.

The Detroit band has been around since 2009 and caught my attention with Crassinova on their first EP Obscure in 2012. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, because SycAmour is now on the Hopeless Records label. They just released a full-length album titled Indulgence: A Saga Of Lights, which has already further distinguished the sound they established in their EP. On top of that, the album cover also made me want to replay Bioshock.

As I already said, SycAmour’s Jeremy Gilmore can sing incredibly well. However, the R&B styled singing that, I swear to God, sounds like Panic! At The Disco¬†(maybe it’s just me) contrasts perfectly with the screams provided by Tony Sugent. You’ll be enjoying the the clean vocals and the hard vocals will come and sweep you off your feet. You can hear what I mean by listening to Calm Down Juliet (What A Drama Queen).

Of course, the instruments play a major part in SycAmour as well. The unsung (pun intended) heroes do an astounding job at setting the tone for the vocalists. Without them complementing who’s singing or screaming, the entire flow of the band wouldn’t work nearly as well. Heavy instruments accompany screaming and more alternative instruments match the singing.

SycAmour has the potential to make it big. Give them room to grow and they’ll be one of the top bands in the genre. Happy Veterans Day!

P.S. Yes, this will be the new title of Underappreciated Hardcore Band of the Week. It sounds more positive and less daunting because big words scare people for some reason.

Underappreciated Hardcore Band of the Week: Fail Emotions

Fail Emotions - Renaissance

Ever since electronic (dub-step, drum and bass, trance, etc.) music became popular, hardcore bands tried colliding both genres together like two particles in the Large Hadron Collider. Many bands such as Enter Shikari, I See Stars and The Browning have been able to successfully blend the two styles, but one of the lesser known post-hardcore band who does it phenomenally is Fail Emotions, which is why they’re this week’s underappreciated hardcore band of the week.

(Puts on hipster glasses) This band is so underground their Wikipedia page is in German when you Google, which is strange considering they’re from Yaroslavl, Russia. They’ve been around since 2008, but they seem to keep getting better and better. They just released a new single called New Day Has Come, but their recent album (that’s really an EP) Renaissance is a work of art.

Once I heard their song We Are Legend, I immediately noticed the consistency of the electronic parts. I’m not an expert in electronic music, so I’m not even going to attempt to label them properly (sub-genres are confusing), but Fail Emotions blends heavy breakdowns with the lovable wubs of dub-step quite well. Rather than using it for a 10-second span per song, which is like only putting one chocolate chip in a cookie, Fail Emotions has a huge emphasis on electronic music throughout all their songs.

They’ve got the usual cleans and screams that come with a post-hardcore band, but their ability to sound fresh by varying the amount of singing, screaming, techno, piano, etc. keeps every single song sound unique. If electronic post-hardcore (or trancecore if you want to be hip) is your thing, then head over to Facebook and give them a like.

Underappreciated Hardcore Band of the Week: The Suit

The Suit All Along EP cover

The Suit is more accurately described as post-hardcore, but they’re a hidden gem that definitely needs to become more popular. Hailing from Fargo, North Dakota, The Suit has a more punky sound that resembles A Day To Remember or Chunk, No Captain Chunk! The end result being some of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in the genre. Nearly every band member contributes vocally, which produces some phenomenal harmonization that contrasts quite well with the screams.

Instrumentally speaking, The Suit has the breakdowns, the riffs, etc. that you’d come to expect post-hardcore. What stands out is the constant presence of keyboard. It’s a nice change of pace that I don’t hear very much in this genre. Nonetheless, they’ve crafted a sound that’s unique to them and that’s something successful bands struggle with.

I’ve been a fan of The Suit for a couple of years now. The first song I heard from them was The Way That We Fall, and to this day, their sound is still a breath of fresh air in comparison to the majority of the genre. So if you enjoyed what you heard, help them out, go to their Facebook and give them a like.

Note: Now that you’re finished reading, I’m going to address the qualifications for this weekly blog. The artist must have less than 100,000 Facebook likes. After that, I figure they’re making a good enough living (but that’s just a guess). I will also include other bands from similar genres such as metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, etc. I know they’re different sub-genres, but if it has hardcore roots, I’m going to generalize for the sake of my sanity.