Last week, I profiled a band that sounded like Iron Maiden, so continuing with the trend of bands resembling older metal bands, these guys sound undeniably like a post-hardcore version of Linkin Park.

Dangerkids hails from Dayton, Ohio and is currently signed to Rise Records (sorry if that scares you away). I’m 100 percent serious that the only way people can’t draw similarities between them and Linkin Park is if they’ve never heard of them before. However, Dangerkids goes above and beyond by fusing the post-hardcore genre with it’s screaming, clean vocals and breakdowns with Linkin Park’s rapping and electronic style of their older songs.

In case you’re wondering, Dangerkids is copying bands, but rather paying homage to the bands that influence their style. In Light Escapes Dangerkids even mentions them by name and references Innerpartysystem (an awesome electronic rock group you should also check out). But like I already said, it’s almost impossible to draw similarities. Listen to Paper Thin to hear what I mean.

Variety is the name of the game for Dangerkids. The combination and constant transitioning between singing, rapping and screaming keeps their songs from getting stale. The same could be said about the fusion of electronic music with the usual guitar, bass and drums (with occasional instances of piano). This makes Dangerkids a perfect balance of nostalgia and modern post-hardcore.

As of now Dangerkids only has one album out, Collapse, but I was honestly surprised when I found out their Facebook page only has a little more than 50,000 likes. Debut albums don’t necessarily establish a sound, so it’ll be interesting to see how they grow. Hopefully, they differ from Linkin Park, in that they make more than a few good albums before going downhill.