Every once in a while, there’s a band that sounds like a modern version of a classic. In this case, Cleveland metalcore band Affiance reminds me of Iron Maiden. I say this in the most respectful way possible. They’re not copying Iron Maiden, but sound like what they would have if they started their band 30 years in the future.

This allows Affiance to stands out in the overcrowded homogeneous metalcore genre. Instead of working with the tried and true switching of screaming and singing, Dennis Tvrdik sings in most songs. There are a few background screams, but for the most part, singing is predominate. And Tvrdik has some incredible range. Fire! is a perfect example. Tvrdik can hit high notes in way that doesn’t sound whiny┬á and has a powerful voice all the way through.

Of course, Tvrdik isn’t the only one who makes Affiance grand. The rest of the band has a strong presence in every song too. There are still breakdowns, which is why I’m defining them as metalcore, but Affiance isn’t afraid to bust out a guitar solo. Their riffs never get boring either. Drums tend also impress in songs like Monuments Fail.

To top off impressive instruments and vocals are Affiance’s lyrics. They’re well-written and political (which is always a plus for a political science minor like myself). Every song never ceases to motivate me in a genre full of complaining and sub-par lyrics. Their second album is even called The Campaign of all things.

I found out about Affiance when I heard Call To The Warrior and The Hive on No Secrets Revealed. They’re an awesome band who’s proven to have a consistently great track record since 2010. Most fans of metal music as a whole will be able to enjoy them. It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing them on the radio.