I remember move in day into Cuicacali dorms like it was last semester. However, it’s been a solid three years since then and my transition from freshman to senior has been an exciting and unforgettable journey. Your college years (however many years it’ll take) will fly by in a blink of an eye. We’ve heard this cliché in many shapes and forms, but I don’t think college students, especially first years, really grasp the concept of this message.

Take it from a senior, who was able to dorm their first year and get the “college experience”, to moving back home and commuting 20-30 minutes, 4-5 days a week, while working a part-time job. Getting involved on campus for commuter students can be a daunting task. After sitting in traffic and stressing on getting to class on time, circling PS 4 about a thousand times and hunting down innocent students to ask if they’re leaving or not and finally booking it to class while sweating bullets (especially in the dreaded months of August to October), staying longer than the required hours dedicated to class time is the last thing on our mind. Aside from all these commuter factors (and many others not mentioned), it’s time to suck it up and see what SDSU has to offer. I can tell you from first hand experience that getting involved on campus is your number one resource for enhancing your college experience.

Whether you’re a freshman discovering your niche and finding new like-minded friends, a commuting sophomore student who dreads staying at school longer than they already need to, or a senior who’s ready to make the most out of their last few semesters, here are just a few ways to get involved at SDSU!

  • Join a club or organization: SDSU offers 300 student organizations, so you’re bound to find at least one that interests you! You can check out the Student Life and Leadership page for the complete list. Joining organizations allow you the opportunity to network, practice your social skills and meet new people, exposes you to real world experiences and BONUS it looks awesome on a resume and can really make you stand out from the rest.
    • Want to enhance your yoga practice, relieve some stress, channel your inner zen or meet cool people ? Check out the Yoga Club on campus and like our Facebook page!
  • Get an ARC membership: This is an awesome way to stay/get in shape, try new group fitness classes or sports and relieve some stress. For more reason to join, check out fellow KCR blogger Anna Reynold’s post about why you should get an ARC membership.
  • Work on campus: We all know the struggle can be real when it comes to paying our higher education and for some of us, that means working one or even multiple jobs to even get by. The good thing about working on campus is that you don’t have to worry about transportation, employers are very flexible and understanding with your hours and there’s some added perks such as discounts on food, merchandise or concerts tickets. During my freshman year I worked at Rubio’s in East Commons and loved it! At the end of the night we would sometimes be left with tons of chip bags leftover from the day and rather than throwing them out, my manager let me take them and I’d have enough bags to feed my whole dorm floor! Connect with Career Services if this seems like something you’re interested in doing.
  • Build a professional relationship with a professor you trust: We all have that one teacher who we can’t get enough of and actually look forward to attending their class. Whether you’re interested in the given subject of the class or truly admire your teacher’s intellect, this is your chance to connect with your professor and talk to he or she about what’s on your mind. There’s certain features about this professor you really admire and one of those is probably their ability to appear approachable. After class or in office hours, don’t just ask about the assignment, rather find ways to connect with your teacher regarding class material, or personal information about how they got to where they are today. From then on stay in touch with that teacher whether it’s through LinkedIn or stopping by their office even though you’re no longer in their class. Building a professional relationship like this can give that extra boost when networking with others and it’s someone you can call on as a mentor. I recently landed an internship with a teacher that I’ve kept in touch with since I took his English 220 class two years ago. After a few exchanged emails about me needing an internship or other resume building opportunities, he was more than happy to help me out and landed me my first internship with SDSU Press. We’re pretty cool and take things to the extreme! Like us on Facebook! Last but not least…
  • Join KCR!! There’s something for everyone here from blogging and radio hosting, to IT support and public relations. If you love music, sports, news, SDSU and people, you’ll fit in just fine! Plus, every Thursday we host the Turn Up events at the Farmers Market. You can apply here at the beginning of every semester.

No matter what year you are, just know it’s never too late! Make the best out of your college experience by not doubting yourself and taking up activities that interest only you and no one else!