When the semester started I didn’t know how I would have time to work out with all my classes and work. When someone told me that I could get a gym membership on campus I was stoked. There are so many great things about working out on campus at the ARC and the Arc Express.

First great thing is the convince of it. I am able to go to my classes and then hit the gym after. The Arc has showers and a huge locker room, making it easy for you if you want to go to the gym then class. Personally, I like to just wear my gym clothes to school. That way I don’t have to think of anything to wear, I am comfortable, and I can just go straight to the gym after class.

Second great thing is the ARC Express. The ARC Express is smaller and doesn’t have as many machines as the ARC but I love it. It doesn’t get too crowed and is perfect for lifting and cardio. Another awesome thing about working out at the ARC Express is that mostly girl work out there, from what I have noticed. As a girl I like that there aren’t a lot of guys there because they hog up the weights making them more accessible.

Third great thing about working out on campus is that mostly students workout at the gyms. This is plus because it helps with the over mentality of the gym. We all have classes and other obligation but we still make time to workout. This could be a good thing or bad thing but you also can run it to friends from class there. I like that I see friends there and that the average age of the other members is 18-24.

There are some things about the ARC that I don’t enjoy. For one the main gym gets really crowed and even though there are a lot of treadmills they fill up quick. The free weight and machine areas also get really crowed at peak times. Also, I find the placement of the Stairmasters a little uncomfortable. When you are on them it kind of feels like your backside is on display for everyone walking by or using the weights. It is like a showcase of butts when you walk by. But besides these downsides I love my ARC membership!