A countless amount post-hardcore/metalcore bands have singing, but few can sing as well as SycAmour. Even though their Facebook page describes them under the genres of rock, aggressive alternative and sex (this one’s accurate because their music will make sweet, sweet love to your ears), fans of Issues and Crown The Empire will feel right at home.

The Detroit band has been around since 2009 and caught my attention with Crassinova on their first EP Obscure in 2012. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, because SycAmour is now on the Hopeless Records label. They just released a full-length album titled Indulgence: A Saga Of Lights, which has already further distinguished the sound they established in their EP. On top of that, the album cover also made me want to replay Bioshock.

As I already said, SycAmour’s Jeremy Gilmore can sing incredibly well. However, the R&B styled singing that, I swear to God, sounds like Panic! At The Disco¬†(maybe it’s just me) contrasts perfectly with the screams provided by Tony Sugent. You’ll be enjoying the the clean vocals and the hard vocals will come and sweep you off your feet. You can hear what I mean by listening to Calm Down Juliet (What A Drama Queen).

Of course, the instruments play a major part in SycAmour as well. The unsung (pun intended) heroes do an astounding job at setting the tone for the vocalists. Without them complementing who’s singing or screaming, the entire flow of the band wouldn’t work nearly as well. Heavy instruments accompany screaming and more alternative instruments match the singing.

SycAmour has the potential to make it big. Give them room to grow and they’ll be one of the top bands in the genre. Happy Veterans Day!

P.S. Yes, this will be the new title of Underappreciated Hardcore Band of the Week. It sounds more positive and less daunting because big words scare people for some reason.