Ever since electronic (dub-step, drum and bass, trance, etc.) music became popular, hardcore bands tried colliding both genres together like two particles in the Large Hadron Collider. Many bands such as Enter Shikari, I See Stars and The Browning have been able to successfully blend the two styles, but one of the lesser known post-hardcore band who does it phenomenally is Fail Emotions, which is why they’re this week’s underappreciated hardcore band of the week.

(Puts on hipster glasses) This band is so underground their Wikipedia page is in German when you Google, which is strange considering they’re from Yaroslavl, Russia. They’ve been around since 2008, but they seem to keep getting better and better. They just released a new single called New Day Has Come, but their recent album (that’s really an EP) Renaissance is a work of art.

Once I heard their song We Are Legend, I immediately noticed the consistency of the electronic parts. I’m not an expert in electronic music, so I’m not even going to attempt to label them properly (sub-genres are confusing), but Fail Emotions blends heavy breakdowns with the lovable wubs of dub-step quite well. Rather than using it for a 10-second span per song, which is like only putting one chocolate chip in a cookie, Fail Emotions has a huge emphasis on electronic music throughout all their songs.

They’ve got the usual cleans and screams that come with a post-hardcore band, but their ability to sound fresh by varying the amount of singing, screaming, techno, piano, etc. keeps every single song sound unique. If electronic post-hardcore (or trancecore if you want to be hip) is your thing, then head over to Facebook and give them a like.