Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder

Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder Carpark Records Saint Pepsi-real name Ryan DeRobertis-has made a name for himself the last few years in the “Vaporwave” music scene. What is “Vaporwave” you ask? Remember the sound effects from Windows 98? The music they play when you get put on hold calling your bank? Sega Genesis? […]

Ex Hex – Rips

Ex Hex – Rips Merge Records Out now Last year, when Haim’s Days Are Gone was released, some in the indie blogosphere were disdainful. “This sounds like Wilson Phillips” and “What is this, 1985?” they scoffed. The album has been a great success, despite the naysayers. Why did they make such a big splash? Because […]

Top Ten Punk Rock Bands

1. Black Flag – Their impact is impossible to calculate. Hailing from Hermosa Beach, California, they were one of the first punk bands to make “hardcore” punk, beginning with their “Nervous Breakdown” EP in 1978. Take a listen to what was at the top of the charts back then (Fleetwood Mac, ABBA) and compare that […]

ALVVAYS – S/T review

ALVVAYS – S/T This band seems to embody many of the current trends in indie rock. For starters, they are a female-fronted band. Indie rock has went from being dominated by male bands like Modest Mouse, Pavement, Built to Spill, Death Cab, Bright Eyes, and Neutral Milk Hotel to having an almost even split […]