Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp Review

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp Merge Records http://www.waxahatcheemusic.com/ Released April 7th, 2015 As a proud owner of a cassette of Waxahatchee’s (Katie Crutchfield’s) 2012 debut “American Weekend“, I am pleased to see her going back to her roots on Ivy Tripp. Not that 2013’s Cerulean Salt wasn’t good (it was), but as somebody who loves lo-fi […]

Mineral – The Power of Failing Review (reissue)

Mineral – The Power of Failing Review (reissue) Originally released 1995; reissued 21 October 2014 Crank! Records; Arena Rock Recording Company For a period in the mid 2000s (or the ‘oughts as I like to call them), there was specter hanging over the punk scene – the specter of emo. “Emos” had a weird haircut. […]

Mr. Twin Sister – S/T Album Review

Mr. Twin Sister – S/T Album https://mrtwinsister.bandcamp.com/album/mr-twin-sister Twin Group Records Released September 2014 How much more chill could this album be? The answer is: none. Forget Jeff Bridges, these guys will make you really relax! Hailing from Long Island, NY, the band could be called chillwave, synth, or maybe even easy listening (just kidding, this […]