Victimas del Dr. Cerebro Show comes to San Diego

Videos by Estevan X. Barrios In the mix of the sick shows going down in San Diego this summer, Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro made their second stop on their USA tour on Wednesday, July 12. Originating from Nezahualcoyotl, a city in Mexico’s capital, the band played a mix of old and new songs. The tour, in support […]


Image by Scott Troyan via Flickr For my last blog this semester I have chosen to feature Mitski Miyawaki. Mitski’s family moved quite often. From Japan where she was born, she moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo to Malaysia to China to Turkey, among other countries, before coming to New York City. Her music reflects her […]


Hello! Aurora here with another female artists straight killen it. Katie Crutchfield is a musician who grew up in Alabama, but has been able to travel and tour around the world. Katie and her twin sister Allison Crutchfield formed their first band, the Ackleys, in high school.  The members of the band ended up going to different […]