Teresa Suárez, better known by her stage name Teri Gender Bender was born in Denver, Colorado to her Mexican mother and Spanish father. When she was 11 she moved Guadalajara, Mexico with her family. She was made fun of at school for her accent. This motivated her start a garage punk rock band she named Le Butcherettes. After starting the band she moved to Mexico City with the second drummer of Le  Butcherettes Normandi Huexdalf. The band then took another move to San Diego and  finally settled in Los Angeles where she’s still kickin it and collaborating with multiple artists.

Le Butcherettes’ were formed by Teri in 2007 with her lead as a guitarist and  vocals. The band is quite the band to watch live due to Teri’s strong vocals and the bands use of props. There are usually a 1950’s fashion theme with props such as brooms, feather dusters, and bloody aprons to refer to women being slaves. Teri Gender Bender would also use artificial blood, flour, eggs, meat, and a real pig head on stage. The band has released four albums and two EP’s. Down below is the video for My Mallely from their latest album called A Raw Youth released in September 2015.

Teri also sings vocals for the indie electro rock band Bosnian Rainbows. Bosnian Rainbow formed in 2012 in El Paso, Texas. Her band member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez met her when she was playing at a club by his house in Guadalajara. The electricity had gone out in the venue and while none of the other bands wanted to perform, Teri forced her drummer at the time to go on stage to play a set. Omar knew from that point on that he had to make music with her and later invited her to sing for Bosnian Rainbows. Teri’s live performances are often compared to Björk, Siouxsie Sioux, and Karen O.

At 27 Teri Gender Bender seems to be only getting started on her music career. She has many plans and will hopefully be able to use her bilingual gift to make a record in Spanish.



Hello! Got another dope artist to share with everyone. Or should I say the two of you who read this HAHA.

Abra was born in Queens, New York, raised in London to finally moving in Atlanta when she was eight years old and where she still resides to this day. Her family of missionaries moved a lot, and being known as the “new kid” all the time made Abra feel like an outsider. Despite this she  was able to find herself through music which made her feel understood and included. This inspired her to learn how to play the guitar and write.

Abra grew up and began writing and producing all her music, which she still does to this day. Her music captured many people’s attention and she was picked up quickly by a record company close to her home. She is currently the only female and R&B singer signed to the Atlanta based Awful Records collective.

Her addition to the tight knit rap label had an effect on her sound. Abra found herself anxious that her sound wouldn’t appeal as much to those who listened to music coming out from Awful Records. Nowadays, you can hear a more pop-synth sound in her music. Its great in my opinion and great to dance around to. Yeah I dance around a lot, so what? Abra has released two EP’s with Awful called BLQ Velvet and Princess. You can check out her music for free on her BandCamp page. Just as Awful has had an effect on Abra’s life and music, her place in the record group will probably open the opportunity to sign more female muscians, rappers and singers. Yay for females!




Wassup, happy Thursday! You ever wanted to start a band, but though it was probably too late for you? Well it’s not, and this week’s featured artist, Adia Victioria, is living proof of this. Adia was one of six siblings and non surprisingly her family strugled financially. Adia grew up in South Carolina and was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist. She attended church schools until middle school when her mother placed her in public school. Adia struggled to fit in at school, but to some relief her family left the Adventiist church before she entered high school allowing her to broaden her music spectrum. Her life changed as she introduced herself to new artists such as Miles Davis, Nirvana and Fionna Apple.

Once she finished high school, Adia dipped to the city. Throughout the years she went from New York to Atlanta until she finally settled in Nashville where she’s still chillen at today. On her 21st birthday her friend gifted her a guitar and she has been making Blues music ever since. Adia’s music mixes the sounds of afropunk, rock and country genres within the sphere of Blues. Most people describe it as “gothic blues”.

Her new album Beyond the Bloodhounds released in May 2016 was written as a memorial of her 20’s. The album was produced by Roger Moutenot who has worked with bands such as Sleater Kinney and Yo La Tengo.

Her guitar playing and songwriting show no remorse. Personal, truthful and ocassionally idiosyncratic her lyrics take us into her life and let us see the world though Adia Victoria’s eyes.  Her live performances are nothing less than commanding and furious. Damn passionate, I would say. Well I hope you check her out, she’s tight!


Happy Thursday folks! I’m back at it again with a group of musicians who are absolutely killing the game. Thandiwe and Niambi Sala from D.C. make up the neo-soul hip-hop group OSHUN and are spreading the word of love to whoever is down to listen.

Oshun is the Yoruba Western African goddess, spirit or deity of fresh waters, streams and rivers.  She governs over beauty, love, prosperity and fertility. She manifests femininity and for the girls of OSHUN she represents being comfortable in your own skin, embracing your body and your sexuality as a woman. Thandiwe and Niambe met in college and were inspired by the energy of Oshun to come together and create music.

The purpose of OSHUN’S music and performances is to spread the messages of Oshun. Since no one is the”enemy of water”, Oshun and her followers should not be feared, instead respected.  Through their music OSHUN wants to empower women and all people to be productive in their communities as well as confident and comfortable in their own bodies. Thier lyrics are meant to inspire creativity, awareness and love throughout all communities. They preach that individuals are small pieces of one world. We are all reflections of each other, so just as you see one person succeeding you can succeed as well. Just as someone can admire a pice of art and connect to it, we can connect with people as well because we see a part of ourselves in that piece of art or in that other person.

OSHUN’s music is meant to inspire people to tap into the universe and see themselves as a little part of one big beautiful world. So dope, hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

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