No Regrets This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone leaving me feeling full but without regret. There is one thing a healthy lifestyle has taught me and that is to enjoy food. When you are trying to have a healthy fit lifestyle you don’t have to hate food, if anything you are building a stronger relationship with food. Eating […]

Fit and Inspiring Woman

Nicole Mejia #fitandthick  As a model Nicole Mejia had to work out to stay fit and practice healthy eating. In the last couple years she has made her love for health and fitness into a career.  Her goal is to inspire women to love their bodies and set realistic goals for themselves. “Being fit isn’t […]

Why to get an ARC Membership

When the semester started I didn’t know how I would have time to work out with all my classes and work. When someone told me that I could get a gym membership on campus I was stoked. There are so many great things about working out on campus at the ARC and the Arc Express. […]