My Five Tips For Making a Change

There is a point in everyone’s life when they realize something needs to change. They don’t like the way they feel or look and they are ready to work towards making a difference in their life. I remember my moment and I am so glad it happened but I do remember how hard it was […]

Keep Calm and Squat it Out

There is one thing everyone can appreciate, a great butt. Being “fit n’ thick” is this year’s biggest trend. Behind the trend is the behind and the key to a great behind is squatting. A squat is a simple workout that tones your legs, lifts your butt, strengthens your core and increases flexibility. Though the […]

Stop Being a Couch Potato

If you are anything like me you don’t like running and it doesn’t like you. But I changed that around at the beginning of this semester with an awesome app! We all love using our phones but did you know we can use it for fitness and not just sending out tweets of our lunch? So […]