This week I experienced my first spin class! I took the class at the gym on campus, the ARC. I have heard a lot of great things about spin. I was told it is a great workout and will leave you dripping sweat. There are many famous people who even swear by spin, like Kelly Ripa. My thought going is was that the class was going to be just a cardio workout. I was completely wrong.

Spin is way more than a cardio workout. You are engaging your leg muscles throughout the workout with the changing in resistance. Spin is also a great workout for your butt. I also underestimated how intense the cardio workout was. Within the first 10 minutes of the class I was dripping sweat. By the end I was soaked. I was completely surprised by my first spin experience but I fell in love. I went back for more the next day. After this kind of intense workout I felt great and was pumped.

I encourage everyone looking for an amazing workout to try spin. There are some things you should know going in. The workout is intense so try and do it on a day you aren’t sore from another workout. You will sweat a lot! Wear sweat resistance workout clothes and make sure you bring a towel. You also want to get to class early so you can adjust the bike to fit your body type and needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor to come help you because you want to make sure you have it in the right position to prevent injuries.

I have official added spin to my weekly workout regimen and I hope you do to!

Tip of the week: 
Try a group fitness class!

Song of the week:
Guts Over Fear by Eminem