How I Grew My Appreciation for Art

Growing up, I have always loved going to art museums and I would constantly jump at any opportunity to see a new exhibit. My love for art developed on its own after watching documentaries, reading books, and visiting museums on my own time. Art was never taken very seriously in my high school so I […]

In with the Old

Many popular artists, such as Tyler, the Creator, Mac DeMarco, Foster the People, and many more have been releasing their albums on vinyl and over the past few years, it has been becoming more and more popular and what’s “old fashioned” is coming back again. Even I have personally purchased a record player recently and […]

Enjoy at Santa Ana’s Constellation Room

On Nov. 11, Wyatt Shears of The Garden headlined a late night show for his solo project Enjoy in Santa Ana’s Constellation Room at the Observatory. Starting at 11 p.m., the show lasted until 2 a.m. and had multiple other bands perform, including Makeout Reef, Capital Wasteland, Distractor and Blivet. Each band played a 30 […]