The Drums at North Park

After listening to The Drums for a few years now, and upon hearing their newest album, “Abysmal Thoughts,” my friends and I were excited to finally get a chance to see Jonny Pierce perform live. On Wednesday, Nov. 1, we watched The Drums play a show at North Park Observatory for 20 dollars general admission. […]

The Knocks Over the Years

In 2008, James “J-Patt” Patterson and Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner formed an electronic music duo called The Knocks, specializing in happy, upbeat tunes with melodic, simple lyrics and positive messages. I personally first heard of The Knocks in 2012 when they released their catchy collaboration with Fred Falke,”Geronimo,” and even now, I still find myself […]

Discovering Turnover

Not too many months ago, a friend started his car, plugged in his phone, and began playing an album I was unfamiliar with. As we slowly made our way out of a parking garage, an amazing song started playing on the speakers. It started off pretty subtle, but suddenly built up and I knew he […]

From the Founders of Funk

Many artists that we listen to today inspire us, but we never really seem to think about or ask who inspired them. George Clinton, the founder of funk bands Funkadelic, Parliament and joint band Parliament-Funkadelic, helped to establish the basis of funk music and culture in the ’60s and ’70s. Other music has since been […]