Discovering Turnover

Not too many months ago, a friend started his car, plugged in his phone, and began playing an album I was unfamiliar with. As we slowly made our way out of a parking garage, an amazing song started playing on the speakers. It started off pretty subtle, but suddenly built up and I knew he just introduced me to what would become one of my favorite bands. And when I found out that they would be coming to San Diego, I was elated. On Friday, Oct. 27 Turnover played a show at the Irenic for $16 and it was fantastic.

Over the years, Turnover’s sound has definitely shifted and their music has transformed from melancholy to optimistic. Their newest album, “Good Nature,” is a nod to sunny California vibes, as opposed to their previous record, “Peripheral Vision,” which was more moody and emotional. Personally, “Peripheral Vision” is my favorite Turnover album and there is not a single song I dislike. It is a perfect album that “Good Nature” just can’t compete with. I felt as though the album could not capture the intense emotions that encompassed their prior release. “Good Nature” was good, but when I think of Turnover I will immediately relate them to the first album I heard: “Peripheral Vision.” At the show, they played a majority of their songs off of their newest release, but thankfully they played a couple of crowd favorites from their older work. This hyped up and pleased the crowd, including myself.

Seeing Turnover live was an overall good experience and they sounded exactly like their records, which impressed me. Their music is fantastic and reminds me of good vibes and nostalgic memories. I highly recommend checking out their music and seeing them live! I know I will definitely see them again whenever they return to San Diego.

Angela Campos