In 2008, James “J-Patt” Patterson and Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner formed an electronic music duo called The Knocks, specializing in happy, upbeat tunes with melodic, simple lyrics and positive messages. I personally first heard of The Knocks in 2012 when they released their catchy collaboration with Fred Falke,”Geronimo,” and even now, I still find myself listening to that song. Since then, they have continued to grow and produce music that helps inspire good moods everywhere.

The Knocks have made remixes of popular songs, produced for huge stars and featured many different artists in their work, building up a strong reputation amongst those in the electronic music industry. In their latest EP, “Testify” released in February 2017, they managed to bring newer artists to light with their modern sunny producing style. From the self-love words in “Worship” and the inspiring lyrics in “Trouble,” to the star struck love vibes in “Your Eyes,” The Knocks bring out a sense of optimism in their production, making “Testify” great to listen to when you are in need a musical pick-me-up.

In comparison, in their 2011 EP “Magic” their production style has a more organic sound to it, utilizing simpler drum beats in place of electric sounds and less artist features. “Magic” still carried the optimistic vibes that “Testify” has, with a bit of a different sound. You can tell that The Knocks have matured quite a lot since then and improved their sound throughout the years.

Listening to The Knocks is a pretty enlightening and uplifting experience, when compared to some of the other electronic music I have heard recently on the radio. The Knocks’ bright and cheery production style is what I feel continues to contribute to their overall success in the electronic music industry, and make them popular amongst electronic music fans around the world.