After listening to Tyler, the Creator’s highly anticipated fourth album, when it came out in the summer of 2017, I knew “Flower Boy” was going to be one of my new favorite records. The dreamy sounds, ’90s hip-hop influences and all-star features were only some of the aspects that made this album a true gem in my eyes. “Flower Boy” gave me a sense of familiarity and I felt like I could relate to it more than his earlier works, such as ‘Goblin” and “Cherry Bomb.” Naturally, as many artists do, Tyler announced a national tour a while after he released the album and I knew I had to go. When the day came, I was definitely not disappointed.

The show was held in Valley View Casino Center on Friday, Feb. 2 and waiting outside for the doors to open was already an exciting experience. The majority of people there were dressed in GOLF clothing, Tyler’s fashion line, and realizing that so many are inspired by his style and his music was awesome. Once I got inside, I bought a GOLF t-shirt and headed towards the general admission area in attempts of getting a chance to see the man himself up close, though I ended up standing in the back where I could actually see over people. The opening acts included Taco playing a DJ set and Vince Staples, and they did a good job at hyping up the crowd.

When Tyler finally took the stage, he opened with “Where This Flower Blooms” and though he performed a good chunk of “Flower Boy,” he also brought back some old favorites like “IFHY,” “Yonkers,” “F*cking Young” and “She.” The stage lighting and design were perfectly matched to the aesthetic of the album’s cover art and music and I loved every aspect of it. Hearing Tyler live was an entirely different experience from solely listening to his music he sounded even better than he does on the record itself. Tyler’s ability to bring energy to his performances amazes me and I wish I could go to another one of his shows for this tour, but I’m sure I’ll see him again soon.