My First Time Spinning

This week I experienced my first spin class! I took the class at the gym on campus, the ARC. I have heard a lot of great things about spin. I was told it is a great workout and will leave you dripping sweat. There are many famous people who even swear by spin, like Kelly Ripa. My thought going is was that the class was going to be just a cardio workout. I was completely wrong.

Spin is way more than a cardio workout. You are engaging your leg muscles throughout the workout with the changing in resistance. Spin is also a great workout for your butt. I also underestimated how intense the cardio workout was. Within the first 10 minutes of the class I was dripping sweat. By the end I was soaked. I was completely surprised by my first spin experience but I fell in love. I went back for more the next day. After this kind of intense workout I felt great and was pumped.

I encourage everyone looking for an amazing workout to try spin. There are some things you should know going in. The workout is intense so try and do it on a day you aren’t sore from another workout. You will sweat a lot! Wear sweat resistance workout clothes and make sure you bring a towel. You also want to get to class early so you can adjust the bike to fit your body type and needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor to come help you because you want to make sure you have it in the right position to prevent injuries.

I have official added spin to my weekly workout regimen and I hope you do to!

Tip of the week: 
Try a group fitness class!

Song of the week:
Guts Over Fear by Eminem


No Regrets This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone leaving me feeling full but without regret. There is one thing a healthy lifestyle has taught me and that is to enjoy food. When you are trying to have a healthy fit lifestyle you don’t have to hate food, if anything you are building a stronger relationship with food. Eating healthy requires you to expand your knowledge of food and figure out the right food for you. This all becomes extremely difficult over the holiday season. This is a rough spot in your relationship with food but I promise you can make it through it. Here are my tips on how to handle the balance between the holiday season and a healthy and fit lifestyle:

1. Indulge

Don’t try and completely ban yourself from eating sweets this holiday season. The more you tell yourself no the more you want it and there is no avoiding sweets. Friends will bring sweets to school, coworkers will bring some to work, and there will be tons at family parties. Don’t say no, indulge a little!

2. Moderation

You don’t have to say no to all the great holiday foods but you don’t have to go crazy either. Have smaller portions of your favorite sweets. Have only one cookie and keep your dinner plates small. This way you get to enjoy the holiday foods and not miss out!

3. Eat healthy when you can

If you know you are going to a holiday party at night where there will be delicious treats eat light for breakfast and lunch. For example, on Thanksgiving Day I knew I was going to chow down so that morning for breakfast I had an acai bowl and a juice. By eating healthy in the morning my whole day wasn’t unhealthy.

4. Hit the gym

It might be hard for you to keep on track with your healthy eating this season but with time of from school you’ll have more gym time. To offset the unhealthy food add more cardio to your workout. Try to go to the gym longer and more often. Go into the New Year with a head start on those fitness goals!


Tis’ the season to enjoy family and friends without having to question if you should have some of grandma’s famous snicker doodle cookies. Don’t beat yourself about enjoying the holiday season. Remember you don’t see results after one hour in the gym and a few cookies won’t undo all the results you have achieved!

Tip of the week: 
Stay focused and calm during the last few weeks of school!

Song of the week:
Animals by Maroon 5


Fit and Inspiring Woman

Nicole Mejia #fitandthick 

As a model Nicole Mejia had to work out to stay fit and practice healthy eating. In the last couple years she has made her love for health and fitness into a career.  Her goal is to inspire women to love their bodies and set realistic goals for themselves. “Being fit isn’t about being a specific size, shape, or body fat percentage; I believe that being healthy and fitness oriented comes in all different forms and that women should be able to express their passion for health without having to conform to a certain stereotype” (Mejia,

Mejia just wrapped up a six month tour which hit San Francisco, New York, and ended in Washington DC. Her tour was to show people what her Fit and Thick company is all about.  She holds classes regularly, when she isn’t touring, in her hometown Miami.  She teaches women moderation and proper technique.

Her campaign is motivating and an inspiration to me. She loves and owns her curves which promotes other women to do the same. “The Fit and Thick movement is such a motivating and inspiring campaign for women because it allows us to drop the expectations that society places on us to fit into a certain body type and allows us to be fit and healthy in our own shapes” (Mejia). Having someone like Nicole Mejia to look up to is important because she pushes you to love the skin you are in and just live happy and healthy.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is an Olympic medalist in Judo and UFC Bantamweight champion. She is the essence of hard work and determination. She is 10-0 with 8 of the fights ending with an arm-bar submission.  Besides fighting, she stared in the movie Expendables 3 and next year will appear in two movies. She became the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in Judo. Born in Riverside, California she started judo when she was 11 and retired at 21 then began her MMA career. Her current diet she said is to be paleo and a warrior diet.

She is an inspiration and motivation to me because of all her Judo and MMA accomplishments. Fighting takes a lot of passion and determination that I aspire to have. I am such a fan of Ronda Rousey that next semester I am actually taking a Judo class at the ARC. I hope to learn half the patients and strength she has.

Tip of the week: 
Find someone to look up to, who inspires you and fits with your goals.

Song of the week:
Try by Colbie Caillat


Why to get an ARC Membership

When the semester started I didn’t know how I would have time to work out with all my classes and work. When someone told me that I could get a gym membership on campus I was stoked. There are so many great things about working out on campus at the ARC and the Arc Express.

First great thing is the convince of it. I am able to go to my classes and then hit the gym after. The Arc has showers and a huge locker room, making it easy for you if you want to go to the gym then class. Personally, I like to just wear my gym clothes to school. That way I don’t have to think of anything to wear, I am comfortable, and I can just go straight to the gym after class.

Second great thing is the ARC Express. The ARC Express is smaller and doesn’t have as many machines as the ARC but I love it. It doesn’t get too crowed and is perfect for lifting and cardio. Another awesome thing about working out at the ARC Express is that mostly girl work out there, from what I have noticed. As a girl I like that there aren’t a lot of guys there because they hog up the weights making them more accessible.

Third great thing about working out on campus is that mostly students workout at the gyms. This is plus because it helps with the over mentality of the gym. We all have classes and other obligation but we still make time to workout. This could be a good thing or bad thing but you also can run it to friends from class there. I like that I see friends there and that the average age of the other members is 18-24.

There are some things about the ARC that I don’t enjoy. For one the main gym gets really crowed and even though there are a lot of treadmills they fill up quick. The free weight and machine areas also get really crowed at peak times. Also, I find the placement of the Stairmasters a little uncomfortable. When you are on them it kind of feels like your backside is on display for everyone walking by or using the weights. It is like a showcase of butts when you walk by. But besides these downsides I love my ARC membership!