After seeing The Garden for the first time at the SOMA in San Diego with The Frights’ YOU ARE GOING 2 HATE THIS FEST back in February, I fell in love with the musically talented twins, Wyatt and Fletcher. They have an energetic stage presence, unique musical sound and one-of-a-kind style. So, when I heard they were going to come to San Diego on tour, I bought a ticket as soon as possible. Then, on Sunday, Oct. 8, The Garden played a show at The Irenic in North Park.

The Garden have coined their own genre, which they call “vada vada.” Wyatt describes it as, “an idea that represents pure creative expression, that disregards all previously made genres and ideals.”

This show was a part of The Garden’s ongoing North American tour. It started back in September, when they opened for Mac Demarco.

Besides being in The Garden, both twins have invested time into their own solo projects, creating other musical styles of their own and showcasing their individual talents and creative visions. Fletcher’s band is called Puzzle and Wyatt’s is called Enjoy.

Their show at The Irenic was high-energy, lively and extremely sweaty.

A local alternative San Diego band, Fake Tides opened for The Garden with a 40 minute set and got us hyped for Wyatt and Fletcher to take the stage.

The Garden kicked off their set with a song from their 2015 album, “haha,” called “Red Green Yellow.” Fans were already getting wild in the mosh pit and crowd surfing. Throughout the night, they also played songs off their most recent EP, “U Want the Scoop?” and previous albums. They managed to keep the entire crowd pumped during their entire hour and a half set.

Tickets were $14 and were well worth it, considering how much fun we had that night. We would definitely love to see The Garden again whenever they come back to San Diego.