CRSSD Fall ’17: The Highlights

The past three times I have attended CRSSD, I have never been disappointed, and this year was no exception. With sunshine, sparkles and delicious cocktails surrounding me, I found myself in pure bliss once again at Waterfront Park for the bi-annual house festival. Despite the absence of Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons,  this small San Diego festival has once again satisfied my House x Techno sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to see everyone on the CRSSD ’17 lineup, but hopefully I am able to shed some light on what went down this past weekend.

Weekend Favorites:

Chris Lake:
After hearing Chris Lake’s 2016 single, “Operator (Ring Ring),” at practically every stage during CRSSD Spring ’17, it was expected that this English artist would dominate with his own set at CRSSD, and boy did he! Chris Lake did not hesitate to bring all he had, as he hyped the crowd with recent hits such as “I Want You” and “Nothing Better.”


Hotel Garuda:
As someone who has already seen Hotel Garuda twice, I was shocked to find that their CRSSD set strayed from the usual, and let me tell you, IT SLAYED! In previous set’s, Hotel Garuda is know to get groovy and yes, even a little dirty in their beats. But, over the weekend, they pleased festival goers with a nice balance of funk, house and the “Feels.”


Speaking of the THE FEELS, this Australian trio is unlike any other, making you feel things you didn’t think you could in musical performance. The live version of their hit song “Innerbloom” is the epitome of them as a group. RUFUS DU SOL is one of my favorite artists of all time and I was thrilled to finally see a full RUFUS set. Their set embodied everything CRSSD! The unity, the love, the vibes!


The Black Madonna:
ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! Meet the woman who defies what it means to be a female DJ. Although many may have been unfamiliar with her name, The Black Madonna truly put her stamp on the festival with a remarkable set that was somewhere between disco and techno. With her DGAF attitude, The Black Madonna poured her energy into the crowd.


Song of the weekend:

17 By: MK

Played both at Hotel Garuda and The Magician’s sets, the presence of MK was heard as his new single 17 was played multiple times throughout the weekend. As a performer last year, and inspiration this year, MK proves time and time again why he continues being a huge part of house music 28 years later.

CRSSD 2018?

Carl Cox: If you want an OG house DJ, look no further than the father himself. Carl Cox began his career back in the early 80’s and has continued proving to the world why he is a house God. To have him at CRSSD would be legendary, and I for one, would LOVE to see that happen.

Hayden James: Following the line of amazing Australian artists, Hayden James is not very known here in the U.S. – but don’t be fooled. Signed under Future Classic with other artists such as Flume and Chet Faker, (who both previously performed at CRSSD) James shows true promise as a stand-alone artist with truly unique sounds.

Disclosure: Many know Disclosure for hit songs such as “Latch” and “You & Me,” but that is not all they should be known for: Disclosure is known to put on some amazing DJ sets. Disclosure is more than a few pop songs, and is a house duo that would put on a great CRSSD show if given the chance.



This Weekend at CRSSD Fest


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend FNGRS CRSSD Fall 2016 CRSSD Festival and it was definitely one for the books. I was stoked to finally experience a local music festival that featured artists I have recently been listening to. CRSSD Fest is a two-day music festival that takes place at Waterfront Park in San Diego, or as I heard in the crowd, “America’s Finest City.” This venue is one of the nicest I have been to. It was spacious, clean and beautiful! If you didn’t know, Waterfront Park has multiple water fountain areas that people are allowed to go into. I had seen them before when I had visited the park but it was awesome seeing how many people danced and chilled in the water throughout the day and night during the festival. The festival had 3 stages; City Steps, The Palms and Ocean View. This years headliners included ZHU, Kaytranada, Thomas Jack and Louis the Child.

Day One: October 1st

When I arrived to Waterfront Park on day one, I got lucky and did not have to wait in line. Once I got through security, I browsed the set schedule that was posted at the entrance and walked around to get a look at all the stages and entire venue. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of food and drink vendors that were there. They were definitely prepared for the number of people that attended the event. Although the lines for food and drinks looked long, they moved fast, which is always good.

After exploring the venue, I found myself at the City Steps stage for Lee K‘s set. I had never heard any of her music, but I automatically loved her set. Her energy encouraged me to stay for the next two sets. After Lee K, I listened to Eagles & Butterflies and FKJ. It was so hard for me to leave the City Steps since I was having so much fun dancing and vibing with the crowd. I had recently heard a song from Sophie on the CRSSD Fest Spotify playlist, so I headed over to The Palms for his set. I will have to say that his set was one of my favorites from the whole weekend. After Sophie, I headed over to the main stage, Ocean View, to catch Louis the Child. I have been waiting months to see them live so I made sure to get as close to the stage as possible. They did not disappoint! I was impressed by their crowd interaction. They were constantly leaving the booth to dance and hype up the crowd.

Once Louis the Child was finished, I was starving so I went to get some food. It was so hard having to decide what to get. There were so many options, but I finally narrowed it down and went to the Japanese Chicken and Noodles booth. It was so delicious that I went back to that booth the next day. After eating, I checked out Trippy Turtle‘s set. A friend had told me to check out his set and I am glad I did. Along with Sophie’s set, Trippy Turtle’s set was amongst my favorites for the weekend. I loved how he remixed older songs with his own twist. I was so happy that I went to his set even though I had never heard his music before. From there, I went back to Ocean View for Cashmere Cat before calling it a night.

Day Two: October 2nd

Unlike my lucky experience on day one, when I arrived to the venue on the second day, I was greeted with a long line to get in. I was surprised at how fast it was moving, so having to wait in it was no issue.  During my time in the line, I met some people from Italy who were attending the festival during the few days they were visiting San Diego. It was cool knowing that the festival didn’t just have local attendees but  international guests as well. Once I got into the festival, I made my way around the venue checking out the stages like I had done the day before. I was waiting for Felix Da Housecat so I went to see Claptone in the time being. I hung out by the water fountains but was still able to hear and see Claptone perfectly. How awesome is that?  

I soon left the water fountains and headed to City Steps to catch Felix Da Housecat. I stayed at City Steps for the next few sets. I caught all of Lee Burridge and part of Maya Jane Coles before I headed to back to the Palms for Thomas Jack and Kaytranada. It is always tough having to decide which artists to see at festivals once set times are released. Luckily, I was able to stay for half of Kaytranada’s amazing set before booking it to ZHU’s set at Ocean View. They were two artists that I was stoked about when I saw the CRSSD lineup, even before I got the opportunity to attend. I was delighted that their set times did not have too much of a time conflict. ZHU closed the festival off on the main stage and he did not disappoint. I had recently discovered his music with the release of his new album Generationwhy. Seeing ZHU as the final performer of the night and festival was like icing on the cake.

See you next year, CRSSD Fest!

Photo courtesy of Daisy Santana

Overall, CRSSD Fest delivered a well-put together festival. From the lineup, food and drinks, CRSSD Fest did not disappoint. I hope that my experiences at my first CRSSD Fest encourage those of age to attend!

Why Aren’t You At CRSSD This Weekend?

Southern California has established itself as one of the premiere locations for music festivals. The radiant sun and budding beach vibes set the scene for some of the biggest music festivals, and now it’s San Diego’s time to shine.

CRSSD Fest is on it’s third annual iteration of the sunset San Diego Festival, which is held twice a year in Downtown San Diego where the cityscape meets the sea.

CRSSD has cultured an atmosphere devoted to the grooviest and deepest in house and techno music, mixing an eclectic range of live bands and DJs.

This year’s live headliners are none other than Seattle-based duo, Odesza, and Australian tour de force, Chet Faker. Both these artists have circled the globe over the last year, touring the festival circuit, so San Diego is glad to have them.

The techno runs deep this year, as CRSSD have pulled in Eric Prydz’s deep dark alias, Cirez D, to close Saturday with a tour hour set!

I love the sound that CRSSD is bringing to San Diego. They have solidified themselves as strong curator’s devoted to the art, and I love the vibes that they are bringing to town. A step away from the mainstream, CRSSD also has a dedicated home at Bang Bang nightclub on the corner of 6th Avenue and Market St. Bang Bang has been “the” spot to be in Downtown to dance the night away, and they will be one of the many clubs hosting exclusive after parties during this CRSSD weekend.

Being on the waterfront, dancing the night away, is something special to San Diego. I’m excited to go for my first time, as their “Sunset Sets” are something special.