Southern California has established itself as one of the premiere locations for music festivals. The radiant sun and budding beach vibes set the scene for some of the biggest music festivals, and now it’s San Diego’s time to shine.

CRSSD Fest is on it’s third annual iteration of the sunset San Diego Festival, which is held twice a year in Downtown San Diego where the cityscape meets the sea.

CRSSD has cultured an atmosphere devoted to the grooviest and deepest in house and techno music, mixing an eclectic range of live bands and DJs.

This year’s live headliners are none other than Seattle-based duo, Odesza, and Australian tour de force, Chet Faker. Both these artists have circled the globe over the last year, touring the festival circuit, so San Diego is glad to have them.

The techno runs deep this year, as CRSSD have pulled in Eric Prydz’s deep dark alias, Cirez D, to close Saturday with a tour hour set!

I love the sound that CRSSD is bringing to San Diego. They have solidified themselves as strong curator’s devoted to the art, and I love the vibes that they are bringing to town. A step away from the mainstream, CRSSD also has a dedicated home at Bang Bang nightclub on the corner of 6th Avenue and Market St. Bang Bang has been “the” spot to be in Downtown to dance the night away, and they will be one of the many clubs hosting exclusive after parties during this CRSSD weekend.

Being on the waterfront, dancing the night away, is something special to San Diego. I’m excited to go for my first time, as their “Sunset Sets” are something special.