Brandy Melville is the brand everybody wants to be wearing…except for me. It’s got trendy pieces of clothing, shirts with funny sayings, and the prices are manageable for a college student budget. But whenever I pass the Brandy Melville area in a store, or go to the store with my friends, I just can’t bring myself to spend my money. Why? Two reasons:

  1. A line of shirts they put out featured the famous quote from Mean Girls “You can’t sit with us.” Sure, the movie was funny, and yes it is just a movie, but the quote is not meant to be used in a serious fashion. The point of the movie was to bring light to how out of control bullying can get, not to become a fashion statement. And being the girl that was told she could not sit at tables during lunch, I just can’t seem to support a shirt and a company that has that plastered across it.
  2. They sell one size, and one size only. The tags on the clothing either say “One size fits most,” or online the sizes all say “fits small/medium.” We are in an era of body positivity, and loving ourselves, but then there’s these popular brands like this that exclude anybody over a size small. Even me, being a person that wears a size small, cannot fit into some of their clothing without looking like Winnie the Pooh. Just like the quote “You can’t sit with us,” excludes people from joining in, the sizing of these clothes exclude women from buying from them.

Now, I can agree that Brandy Melville releases cute clothing. It falls in the look I am usually going for, and the brand seems to hold up nicely. But I tend to find a brand of clothing that has similar style and go with that instead. I am a firm believer in supporting brands that are for a good cause, and make others (including myself) feel good about wearing them; which is why I just cannot seem to give any amount of money to the Brandy Melville brand.


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