How to Dress for an Interview

It is almost summer time which means two things: summer internships are available and graduating students are looking for jobs. Getting the interview can be stressful in itself, but preparing for the interview is just as important. In order to dress to impress, a list of tips have been compiled to rock your interview:

Professional is best: I recently had an interview where I showed up in slacks, a blouse, and loafers, while the people interviewing me were wearing yoga pants and Birkenstocks. At first I felt incredibly out of place, but dressing professionally is always the standard. Its a simple three piece outfit, and doesn’t have to be pricey. It shows that you are serious about getting the job, and can be ready for any occasion. Once you get the job you can participate in casual Friday 

Limit the accessories: We get it, you know how to rock the trendy earrings, and the the layers of necklaces. You can show off your creativity and passion for fashion once you get the gig. Keep it simple- a cute bracelet, a chain necklace, and stud earrings. I wore my favorite Alex and Ani chain bracelet, and simple earrings- it made me feel put together, but comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about bracelets and necklaces being in the way of what I was doing either. Wow them with what you have to show for your experience, you don’t want those interviewing you to be distracting by all the extras.

Add a pop of color: Yes, you might have to cut back on the accessories, and invest in your first pair of trousers, but have fun with it. Get a pair of colored pants. Or maybe a fun print for your blouse! It will separate you from the other people being interviewed, but for all the right reasons. 


The import part in all of this is to be comfortable and be confident! We all have something to be proud of and that is going to set us apart, and it is all about flaunting that! Good luck on interviewing, and happy shopping!

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I Cannot Wear Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is the brand everybody wants to be wearing…except for me. It’s got trendy pieces of clothing, shirts with funny sayings, and the prices are manageable for a college student budget. But whenever I pass the Brandy Melville area in a store, or go to the store with my friends, I just can’t bring myself to spend my money. Why? Two reasons:

  1. A line of shirts they put out featured the famous quote from Mean Girls “You can’t sit with us.” Sure, the movie was funny, and yes it is just a movie, but the quote is not meant to be used in a serious fashion. The point of the movie was to bring light to how out of control bullying can get, not to become a fashion statement. And being the girl that was told she could not sit at tables during lunch, I just can’t seem to support a shirt and a company that has that plastered across it.
  2. They sell one size, and one size only. The tags on the clothing either say “One size fits most,” or online the sizes all say “fits small/medium.” We are in an era of body positivity, and loving ourselves, but then there’s these popular brands like this that exclude anybody over a size small. Even me, being a person that wears a size small, cannot fit into some of their clothing without looking like Winnie the Pooh. Just like the quote “You can’t sit with us,” excludes people from joining in, the sizing of these clothes exclude women from buying from them.

Now, I can agree that Brandy Melville releases cute clothing. It falls in the look I am usually going for, and the brand seems to hold up nicely. But I tend to find a brand of clothing that has similar style and go with that instead. I am a firm believer in supporting brands that are for a good cause, and make others (including myself) feel good about wearing them; which is why I just cannot seem to give any amount of money to the Brandy Melville brand.


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Why I love Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks- the sandal for the hipster, granola loving hippy, has now turned into an everyday fashion accessory. I have been wearing Birkenstocks since high school, and love them. I go for the original slip on sandal with two straps. I actually wore my first pair completely to shreds, and got a second pair in the exact same style because I could not go a day without my Birkenstocks.

What I did not realize is how much my boyfriend sees me wearing them. I have known him for three years and I would say 90 percent of the time he has seen me I was wearing them….and he doesn’t even like them! Let’s go into a brief reason as to why they should be loved by all.

Birkenstocks have history. They started being sold in San Francisco in the 1970s and were picked up by the cultural revolution. Our parents and grandparents were wearing them – and were probably wearing them to Woodstock. The nice thing about that pair they were wearing in the 1970s is that they are probably still wearing the same pair today.

That brings me to another point– they are timeless. Yes, they went out of style for a long period of time, but if you want that grandma aesthetic (like I do) at the age of 21, this look is for you. Trends are bound to come around again, and I will have my Birkenstocks ready every single time that happens.

And think about this – Birkenstocks can go with any look. Want to wear a cute dress to the farmer’s market? Pair it with Birks. Going to visit the spring flower festival in Carlsbad and rocking the overalls I recommended to you in a previous post? Pair them with Birks. Going for a casual and laid back look with yoga pants and your favorite tee? Pair it with Birks!

And that pair that will last you for years is so incredibly comfortable. The material actually forms to your foot, so the more you wear them, the more they are made for you. I have worn them for full days of walking in Disneyland, for a day in Seattle, and my feet hold up every time!

So, to my boyfriend that hates my Birkenstocks, sorry, they will not be going away anytime soon. From 21 and dressing like a grandma, to being a grandma, you will find me in my favorite shoes.

What to Wear for 21 Birthday

You have waited for this day for so long and now it is finally here…your 21st birthday! It is probably the biggest birthday since you turned 16, so it’s kind of a big deal. You can finally go out and drink at the bars…can you say bottomless mimosas at Duck Dive on Sundays? This is the birthday celebration you have been looking forward to, so you have to look your best!

I have compiled a short list of outfits that you can wear on your special day that will have you feeling like a hottie but still be ready to rally!


It’s not quite a dress, but not quite a pair of shorts either! You can have the feeling of wearing a dress, without having to worry about showing stuff you don’t want to. Pair them with some cute heels, and then swap the heels for some sandals after you take all the cute pictures with your 21 balloons. Depending on the cut and print of your romper, you can go for a sexy or classy vibe and look like the birthday princess either way.



If you’re going for a more laid back look, pair a bodysuit with your favorite jeans! I personally like pairing my bodysuits with boyfriend jeans to have a little bit of a contrast between tight and loose, but pairing them with skinny jeans will have you fitting right in with all the club goers! You can pair these with booties or even a little heel, and be ready for the night!


Flowy Dress:

If there is any chance you will be drinking more than planned on your special day, veer away from tight clothes that might result in a wardrobe malfunction (we don’t need a Janet Jackson at the Superbowl Halftime part 2). Picking a flowy dress will have you looking like a goddess at mimosas and brunch in North Park, and it works straight through to dinner as well!

Jean Skirts:

Looking for something more laid back? Wear a cute tank top or off the shoulder shirt with a jean skirt! You can throw on some sandals, or pair them with your favorite pair of vans, and be ready for anything. This look can transform from daytime to a night in PB, and everybody will be jealous of those vans as they are limping around in their heels.


No matter what you choose to wear, you are going to rock your special day! Remember to always have a DD, use the buddy system (or have everybody on Find Your Friends), and be prepared to miss your 8 a.m. class the next day. Happy celebrating!

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