Why I love Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks- the sandal for the hipster, granola loving hippy, has now turned into an everyday fashion accessory. I have been wearing Birkenstocks since high school, and love them. I go for the original slip on sandal with two straps. I actually wore my first pair completely to shreds, and got a second pair in the exact same style because I could not go a day without my Birkenstocks.

What I did not realize is how much my boyfriend sees me wearing them. I have known him for three years and I would say 90 percent of the time he has seen me I was wearing them….and he doesn’t even like them! Let’s go into a brief reason as to why they should be loved by all.

Birkenstocks have history. They started being sold in San Francisco in the 1970s and were picked up by the cultural revolution. Our parents and grandparents were wearing them – and were probably wearing them to Woodstock. The nice thing about that pair they were wearing in the 1970s is that they are probably still wearing the same pair today.

That brings me to another point– they are timeless. Yes, they went out of style for a long period of time, but if you want that grandma aesthetic (like I do) at the age of 21, this look is for you. Trends are bound to come around again, and I will have my Birkenstocks ready every single time that happens.

And think about this – Birkenstocks can go with any look. Want to wear a cute dress to the farmer’s market? Pair it with Birks. Going to visit the spring flower festival in Carlsbad and rocking the overalls I recommended to you in a previous post? Pair them with Birks. Going for a casual and laid back look with yoga pants and your favorite tee? Pair it with Birks!

And that pair that will last you for years is so incredibly comfortable. The material actually forms to your foot, so the more you wear them, the more they are made for you. I have worn them for full days of walking in Disneyland, for a day in Seattle, and my feet hold up every time!

So, to my boyfriend that hates my Birkenstocks, sorry, they will not be going away anytime soon. From 21 and dressing like a grandma, to being a grandma, you will find me in my favorite shoes.

Amanda Osborn

Communication and Media Studies major at SDSU. A PNW girl at heart which means you can usually find me hiking or with a coffee in my hand.