The existence of software programs, music sharing sites and social media has encouraged the growth of independent music production. These opportunities allow for complete creative liberty and control, invigorating a movement of aspiring DJs, producers and musicians. Sitting on Stacy is no exception. They wrote, recorded and produced the music found on their debut album, “Obsessed.” Their DIY music has led them to play at venues like Rocky City Studios and most recently, Soma, alongside Mt. Eddy.

I had the pleasure of attending their show on Sat. March 31 where they put on a stellar, high-energy performance. This Venture County-based band has developed a sound comparable to those of Green Day, Nirvana and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Guitarist and vocalist Hoyt Yeatman, bassist Kyle Hart and drummer Jeff Demorest owned the stage and drew the crowd in with their blaring instruments.

The trio’s performance of “Mailman” livened the audience and was a personal favorite. The intensity of the music paired with the crowd’s upbeat attitude electrified Soma’s sidestage venue. The technicolored lights, as well as the tiny mosh pit, made the experience an even better time. Other performances like “Apple Pie” and “Piece of Me” showcased the band’s dynamism and ability to blend genres. “Apple Pie” is reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili pepper’s distinctive rock sound, especially Hoyt’s mellowed vocals. On the other hand, the guitar intro and upbeat rhythm heard throughout “Piece of Me” is comparable to the surf rock/ska music scene. Finally, their closing song “I Can’t F—” is a perfect mixture of both. The rhythmic verses and punching chorus were enthralling to watch.

Local bands like Sitting on Stacy deserve a platform to express their creativity. Through SDSU and organizations, the trio has played at open mic nights, backyard shows, fraternity events, a Nooner and even a KCR gig in Montezuma Hall.

Social media, music sites and open-minded audiences have made it easier to share music created by aspiring musicians. I hope the SDSU community and the rest of southern California will continue to give Sitting on Stacy a chance to bring back an edge to modern music.

Featured image from Sitting on Stacy