Artists’ Blueprint: Tyler The Creator

The rapper/songwriter/producer and creative force isn’t the first in hip hop to expand creative boundaries for the genre. Tyler the Creator has been one of hip hop’s defining acts this past decade, from his angsty and controversial work during his time with the collective Odd Future like Yonkers and Tamale, to a shift for a […]

The It Girls of Rap: 2021 Edition

What a year it’s been. Can you believe it’s almost over? Despite the world plummeting into a global pandemic, at least we have music to keep our spirits afloat. While I’m bummed I won’t get to experience live concerts for a while, I’m glad I get to soak in all of the exciting releases from […]

New Album: Yungblud “Weird!”

On December 4th, British artist Yungblud released his new album “Weird!” featuring his 6 singles “Weird!”, “Strawberry Lipstick”, “God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out”, “Cotton Candy”, “Mars”, and “Acting Like That,” which features Yungblud’s good friend and fellow artist Machine Gun Kelly. The album “Weird!” is about the fans and for the fans. […]