There is finally colder weather here in San Diego, and all sweaters, boots, and coats are coming out from storage along with new pieces for the upcoming months.

Flannel Jackets

The first piece is flannel jackets or coats! I love how there are different patterns and colors that you can easily put on and make your outfit look more put together. These jackets would also fit amazing to not only just girls but to anyone that wants to spice up their outfits while staying warm.



The next piece is any blazers from checkered to leather. I own a black leather jacket, and I love how well it fits with any casual or fancy outfit. Although some jackets could be quite expensive, try checking out in thrift stores because you might find a high-end one!


Silk Dresses

Our next piece is silk dresses! Although these were already popular at the time, I’ve recently found a cheetah print one that I fell in love with. With these dresses, you can easily pull off a casual or fancy look as well. You can wear them with a sweater or graphic tee on top or a shirt under.


Crewneck Sweatshirt

The last piece is a crewneck sweatshirt with a collared shirt. I’ve seen these looks everywhere on Tik Tok and I’ve never thought I would be so into it! I love the look with a skirt under, but since it is getting colder jeans would work great too.


On the other hand, it might be difficult to not copy everything you see online, but if you love it why not wear it too. I love these trends and I’m really excited to try them out! Although we might not be able to show them off, these are always great ideas that can be worn for the upcoming years. I am curious to see what upcoming trends are coming back from previous years and what will stay behind 2020.

Written By: Ariadna Rodriguez Perez