A Review of Disney’s Cinderella (Yes, the 2015 One)

This week I was fortunate enough to score some tickets to an advanced screening of Disney’s newest live-action retelling of the classic, Cinderella. Though Cinderella is not my favorite OG Disney princess (shout out to Princess Jasmine), this rendition of the beloved film was spectacular. Cinderella is truly amazing: it’s family-friendly, features more details about the characters, and has a very handsome Prince (whoever casted him seriously deserves an award). My only criticism is that I wish they had incorporated some of the Grimm brothers’ version, Aschenputtel. In their action-packed version, the evil stepsisters chop off their toes and heels to fit the glass slipper, and have their eyes pecked out by doves at the end. Oh, the drama.

Now, for the review. *SPOILER ALERT*

Cinderella starts out with beautiful little Ella happily frolicking about in the countryside with her family, which is of course torn apart in the first fifteen minutes because her mom gets sick and dies. I don’t understand why Disney feels the need to have their protagonists either lose their parents or their only living relative; maybe they figure the orphan-ness makes you want to cry just enough to reel you in.

The storyline essentially parallels the original version. What you see in the 2015 version is more of Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella being extra rude to Ella. It’s mildly uncomfortable to watch because Cate Blanchett’s laugh and demeanor is so evil, but at the same time, you can’t help but appreciate how striking and fierce she is. It’s ironic because you’d think her daughters would try to emulate that, but they’re pretty much the female equivalents to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Despite Ella’s efforts to live by her mother’s last words, “have courage and be kind,” she cracks and apparently copes with her feelings of despair by venturing to the woods on horseback. There, she meets the Prince, who is on a quest to hunt a majestic stag with his army of trusty knights. Right when we see his perfectly coiffed hair, we are also shown more of the Prince’s character. After all, he’s more than just a pretty face. Upon their accidental yet destined meeting, he introduces himself as a royal apprentice named “Kit,” in hopes that he’ll be able to interact with her as a normal guy. Their horses literally prance in a circle for about five minutes before she finally runs off, without even saying her name.

It’s love at first sight for both of those hopeless romantics. But there’s just one problem: the King will only let him marry an eligible Princess, meaning someone who can add treasure and land to the Kingdom. Oh yeah, and the King is also dying (what is with this movie and death?). Kit’s solution was to agree to this, but only if he’s allowed to open the traditionally elite ball to the public. His secret goal is to have his father meet the charming girl he met in the woods, which would force him to have a change of heart because she’s so great.

Word reaches Lady Tremaine, who of course forbids Ella from attending the ball. Ella is heartbroken because she has no interest in the Prince; she only wanted to see the apprentice from the woods again. Ella’s tears are the queue for her fairy godmother to show up for once, and she grants Ella’s wish to be able to go to the ball—but in style. Equipped with a special spell to protect her from being noticed by her jealous stepmother, Ella also gets a golden pumpkin carriage with mousy horses, lizardy henchman, and a goosey coachman. The dress was magnificent, and the effects made it feel like it was going to pop off the screen and whip you in the face with fairy dust, butterflies, and yards of tool.

She arrives fashionably late to the ball, and enchants the whole ballroom with her grace, beauty, and fabulous dress. She reunites with Kit, now revealed as the Prince, and has a jolly old time on a swing in his secret royal garden until the clock tragically strikes midnight. She dashes off, and he fails once again to get her name. Classic Kit.

A search for this mysterious beauty begins, but not before Lady Tremaine gets to the Grand Duke and blackmails him into only letting her daughters try on the glass slipper. He agrees because he’s a horrible person, and almost succeeds in hiding her from his team. Kit tagged along because he didn’t trust him (his instinct was right– the Duke was #fake), and he hears Ella upstairs despite Lady Tremaine’s attempts to disguise her angelic song. Ella tries on her own glass slipper which obviously fits her, and she and Kit live happily ever after while the Duke, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia are banned from the Kingdom.

I would give Cinderella five out of five stars. This movie was amazing. I don’t know how I was planning to wait to see it until the release date.

*Princely gasp*




Five not-so-basic costume ideas

Halloween is a time to get creative with what you’re going to wear, especially if you’re celebrating at SDSU– but we all know those guys who are going to dress up as a banana, a tourist, and a Greek God. Or for the ladies, a Risky Business tribute, a sexy cat, devil, or bee. Yes, somehow, a little busy bee has been morphed into a sexy costume. But I’m not judging! As a freshman, I threw on a tie-dye shirt, a flower headband, and some round sunnies and called myself a hippie along with half the girls in my dorm. Last minute plans call for last minute costumes!

Halloween is a week away, so there’s no excuse for the basics! Anything these days can be adorned as a costume, whether it’s a TV show, a popular or classic box-office flick, and even the trendiest Twitter memes. Still have no idea what you’re going to be? No problem! Check out my five quick but not-so-basic costumes for guys, girls, and groups.

1. Maleficent


Bless Angelina Jolie and her rendition of the classic villainess. Why not pay her a tribute? This is an easy costume. Throw on a little black dress, a black cape, make or buy some trademark Maleficent horns, and swipe on some red lipstick. Pop in some electric green contacts and sculpt those cheekbones for the full effect!

2. The Brawny paper towel guy

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.18.07 AM

Guys, I have yet to see this one, and it’s super quick. Throw on a red flannel, some faded jeans, a brown leather belt, gel back that hair and flash your best commercial-ready smile. At first glance, one might think you’re a lumberjack, but that’s why you have the paper towel roll with the famous Brawny man on it! It also comes in handy for some quick, absorbent clean ups.

3 . The “But that’s none of my business” Twitter meme


This meme took over Twitter for months, and I have to say I didn’t get tired of it. Kermit the Frog is a very popular character, so it will be easy to find a shirt or tank with him on it. To get more into the Halloween spirit, check out legitimate costumes with Kermit on it! It’s near Halloween so they should be on sale, and since this costume isn’t the most popular request, it shouldn’t be too expensive to begin with. After you find your frog attire of choice, buy a cheap mug and write, “But that’s none of my business” on it in permanent marker or puff paint! Get ready for some amazing photo bombing opportunities.

4. Bob’s Burgers Cast


All riigggght! Let’s get started with the family that’s taking over FOX (or Netflix, if that’s how you found out about the Belcher’s like I did). Bobs, all you have to do is grow a mustache (or buy one), wear a white shirt, a white apron, and some jeans. Lindas, throw on a red shirt, jeans, and some red-frame glasses. Genes, a yellow shirt and some jean shorts will do. Louises, find a pink beanie (preferably with bunny ears, but I’m not picky), and a long green shirt. Finally, the Tinas: sport a classy yellow barrette, some black-frame glasses, a light blue shirt, dark blue skirt, and white knee high socks. Carry a tray of burger sliders for extra brownie points.

5. Characters from Frozen

As one of the top grossing films of 2014, along with a seemingly catchy song that we just can’t seem to let go, let’s face it: you knew this was going to be here. Go as just one character or go with your friends as the whole ensemble– either way they’re super easy costumes! There’s no need to buy an official coronation gown. Try Disneybound-ing it! For Elsa, an easy recognizable fix is to braid your hair into a french braid, find an icy-blue dress (or tank and skirt combo), buy a cheap tiara– and there you have it! For Anna, some low-pigtails, a black tank top, a blue skirt, a maroon accent and some boots will do the trick! For Kristoff, it’s even easier: a grey shirt, some jeans, brown shoes and a brown beanie. As for Hans, a blue shirt, a white jacket, dark jeans, and black shoes should do the trick. Lastly…Olaf! A white tee or tank with three large, black dots glued or painted on, along with a white beanie or headband with black pipe cleaners on the top is enough. Go the extra mile and wear a orange paper nose for maximum awesome points.

Have fun creating these costumes or your own! Happy Halloween, and remember to stay classy and safe, San Diego.

1. “Maleficent Film Poster” by Global Panorama is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

3. “Kermit The Frog” by Eva Rinaldi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

4. “Bob’s Burgers (Winter)” by Martinez Julian is licensed under CC BY 2.0

5. “Anna and Elsa introduce the movie” by Loren Javier is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

SDSU Beats West Virginia 2-1 In Extra Innings

The San Diego State baseball team topped West Virginia Saturday night 2-1 in 10 innings on the back of sophomore Bubba Derby who was making his first start of the season.

Derby normally serves as the teams closer, but Coach Gwynn decided to move him into the rotation, ” I knew eventually I was going to get a crack at the starting rotation,” Derby said.

Three  errors by the Mountaineers proved to be fatal, as the third one by senior pitcher Sean Carley let in the tying run making the score 1-1 in the 7th. Freshman Tyler Adkinson drove in the game winning run in the 10th on a pinch hit fielders choice to score senior Tim Zier.

Good teams find a way to win a game like that, because you know it could have gone either way,” head coach Tony Gwynn said.

The win now pushes SDSU to 4-2 and puts West Virginia at 2-3.

KCR will be broadcasting the game vs. San Diego live on Tuesday March 4, 6:00 p.m. Tune in!

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