Men’s Basketball Takes Down Boise State

By Chris Reik

On this past Tuesday February 27th, the San Diego State Aztec’s Men’s Basketball team took on Boise State at home in Viejas arena. The Aztecs came into the game at 17-10 as the opposing Boise State Broncos were 22-6. This being a conference match up the Aztecs knew this was a big game to propel them into the mountain west tournament in hopes of winning and receiving a bid to the March Madness round of sixty-four. From the tip, the energy was high in the arena. After trading buckets early, the Broncos pulled out two a nine-point lead with a little less than ten-minutes left in the first half. Boise States Justinian Jessup had hit two three pointers to this point and it was looking as if he was going to be the player to stop. This is when Coach Brian Dutcher of the Aztec’s called a timeout and made the correct adjustments for the remainder of the half. After this there was a burst of energy from the Aztecs who went into a three-quarter court press and forced multiple steals which led to fast break points and eventually the one point lead at half time. Once the second half commenced the Aztecs knew what they had to do to keep the lead and secure the victory. Jalen McDaniel’s and Matt Mitchell led the early scoring for the Aztecs that allowed them to push their lead to eight with just a little less than ten minutes left. This lead held to for the rest of the game giving the Aztecs a 72-64 victory and improved their record to 18-10. Jalen McDaniel’s finished with 15 points and 10 rebounds making him the Aztecs leading scorer, where the Bronco’s Chandler Hutchison put up 18 on the other side. The Aztec’s are looking to finish out their regular season on a six-game win streak at home on Saturday March 3rd, as they take on the 21st ranked Nevada Wolfpack at home.

Aztec takes advantage of class lectures at local beer festival

San Diego State’s Bryan Coburn, a student within SDSU’s Business of Craft Beer program, took what he has learned in the classroom into the field at the 5th Annual Bankers Hill Art & Craft Beer Festival at The Abbey on Fifth Avenue on Friday.

Loaded with a bevy of local beers and bites, The Abbey, a 10,000 square foot venue, played host to north of 300 people in attendance to sample a diverse selection of San Diego breweries and Bankers Hill native restaurants.

The city of San Diego, known for its slew of stunning breweries and equally tantalizing restaurants, was on full display at the well-attended event, allowing Coburn to seize the moment.

“To try all of these beers and all of this food in one place is such a great experience,” Coburn said. “I hope this continues for a long time.”

Of the 15 breweries represented at the festival, Second Chance Beer Company and Karl Strauss were two of several select breweries to draw significant crowds to their tableside.

Offering three different beers, Second Chance Beer Company drew local San Diegans in with their Belgian Style Golden Ale, but they kept coming to refill their two-ounce glasses with the brewery’s Rye IPA, a darker, bitter beer with a notable bite.

Karl Strauss’ Aurora Hoppyalis IPA also made its way into a lot of glasses on Friday night, as its hoppy, smooth taste served as a positive surprise to a number of guests in attendance.

Unlike a majority of the people filling their glasses, Coburn was able to understand each select pour on a much deeper, educated level because of the work he has done at SDSU.

“I think [all of the beers] would taste the same if I didn’t know what I know about beer,” Coburn said. “I have learned so much about beer since starting the program, and I’m happy it’s helping outside the classroom.

“[The program] has found a way to make beer taste better.”

Coburn, however, didn’t limit his tongue to the range of beers present at Friday’s event, as he also took it upon himself to try a number of the samples prepared by Bankers Hill’s very own restaurants.

Cucina Urbana, located at 505 Laurel Street, offered a tasteful mascarpone polenta topped with a savory ragu, leaving those nearby no choice but to take a break from the beer to dive into its creamy decadence.

Pizzicato, a close neighbor to The Abbey on Fifth Avenue, had attendees waiting patiently for more samples of their thin-crust pepperoni pizza after they ran out of samples within the first hour of the three-hour event.

“I’m not going to lie; I had more than a couple slices of the pizza,” Coburn said.

Balancing beer with the array of awe-inspiring snacks, Coburn found it easy to enjoy himself at Friday’s event and plans to attend again next year if Bankers Hill pushes their annual total to six in 2018.