FYF 2017 Line-Up

The FYF Lineup has arrived and it is truly a blessing from above. With Missy Elliott and Björk headlining on the same day (July 21) and Frank Ocean and Nine Inch Nails headlining on the two other days (July 22-23), FYF is sure to be packed full of a diverse group of youngsters. However, the big-name stars performing at FYF come at a cost: tickets are on sale for $299 rather than $199.

FYF has evolved from a single-day attraction in 2009, to a three-day festival that features many mainstream and iconic names. Unlike Coachella, most of the people that attend FYF are there mainly for the music, not for the Instagram boomerangs and the fashion. Located in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, FYF will please fans of older music (with the #throwback hits of Tribe Called Quest and Iggy Pop), fans of current music (with Solange and Anderson.Paak) and fans of artists on the rise (such as Cherry Glazerr and Mitski).

So, below are a few artists playing at FYF that I highly suggest you check out!

Frank Ocean

It’s a no-brainer. Frank Ocean has been AWOL for a little too long, so any time he is in town or playing a show nearby, it’s basically mandatory! He dropped an album last year called “Blonde” and has so many great hits within that album, such as “Solo” and “Ivy.” He still has the iconic album “Channel Orange” under his belt, as well. When he performs the songs “Thinking of You” and “Super Rich Kids,” I’ll definitely be there screaming the words.

Photo (A Seat at the Table) by Dani Miller. Click image to view source. Photo unchanged. License


The goddess herself is sharing her beautiful music with us at FYF. Solange is known for her pop/R&B album, “A Seat At The Table,” which covers many subjects ranging from the Black Lives Matter protests to black culture in general. It’s refreshing to see Solange making a name for herself, other than “Beyonce’s sister.” I, for one, am a firm believer that her music proves to be genuine and unique, rather than commercialized and stereotypical. Not to mention, she has really good dance moves. So, go see Solange at FYF to feel #empowered.

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen, an angel herself, will be blessing us with hits such as “Shut Up, Kiss Me” and “Intern” from her latest album, “My Woman.” With a more pop/gritty sound that showcases pain, love and self reflection, her music will sound beautiful live at FYF. I was able to watch some of her set at Coachella 2014, and it’s true that her music definitely has changed from “sad girl” music to a more upbeat sound. Because of that, I’m even more excited to see and hear her new music live at FYF.

I could talk about this line-up for hours, but this would turn into a novel, so I won’t. However, a few other notable performers playing at FYF that I think you should see are Tribe Called Quest, King Krule, Hannibal Buress, Björk and Cherry Glazerr! Have a great rest of your week, Aztecs!

Ashley Bajet,

signing out.


Featured Image by FYF.


Fleet Foxes is Back!

As the winter weather is fleeing and wildflowers are blooming, it’s only fitting to announce the following: Fleet Foxes has finally put out new music, after six years. Yes, in fact, is has been six years since the group’s last album, “Helplessness Blues,” came out. Listen to their new single, “Third of May / Odaigahara,” below.

If you are an avid listener of Fleet Foxes, you know that through the years their sound has definitely changed, along with lead singer Robin Pecknold’s voice. I was curious to find out if Fleet Foxes would go back to using a wide variety of instruments (“Blue Ridge Mountains“), as their newer sound features a really prominent yet simple lead guitar (“Helplessness Blues“). I think it’s safe to say that the group’s new song is a perfect mix of both old and new. It caters to the grandiose orchestration that many fans seem to love, but brings it back to a more peaceful, reflective sound towards the end.

What I loved most about Fleet Foxes’ previous music is that it seemed to be nature oriented. This song did not disappoint – it had plenty of nature metaphors. Throughout the nine minutes of this experimental track we’re being told the story of the relationship between Pecknold and another founding member of Fleet Foxes, Skyler Skjelset.

Fleet Foxes underwent member changes as well. For example, Joshua Tillman (also known as Father John Misty) was unable to join the band again, most likely because he’s doing his own solo tour. The group currently consists of Pecknold, Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian Wargo and Morgan Henderson.

Here’s to going on road trips with new Fleet Foxes music at the top of our playlists! Their new album “Crack-Up” debuts June 16th and they will be at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Sept. 23rd. I’ve been waiting six years to see them live, so I’ll be there (crying my eyes out)! Will you?

Ashley Bajet,
signing out.

Featured Image: Newsvibes.com

Foreign Gems: Mexico Edition

¡Hola Aztecs! This week on Foreign Gems, we’re going to be exploring music from the country known for its burritos, tamales and salsas: MEXICO!

Whether it is traditional mariachi or relaxing indie music, Mexico’s got it all. Below are a few Mexican classics that I hope you enjoy.

Viernes // El Trío de Omar Rodriguez Lopez

The group El Trío de Omar Rodriguez Lopez was started by Omar Rodriguez Lopez. Lopez was a solo singer who branched out to create albums with Ximena Sariñana (vocals) and Aaron Cruz Bravo (bass). Most of the group’s music is acoustic love songs, making them perfect for those rainy days that San Diego has been having. Another nice, relaxing song from them is “Domingo.”

Como La Flor // Selena

Before there was Selena Gomez, there was Selena: the renowned pop-star and icon throughout the hispanic community. Born and raised in Texas, she became the “Tejano Madonna” due to her unique fashion choices. If you’re into dancing, “Como La Flor” is a great song to groove to. Another good song from Selena is “Dreaming of You.”

 Oye Como Va // Santana

I can’t talk about great Mexican bands/artists without listing Santana. With songs like “Black Magic Women” and “Oye Como Va,” this Latin-rock band will never die. Popular in the 1960s and 1970s, it’s very likely that our parents have listened to Santana.

That’s all I have for today!

Ashley Bajet,
signing out.

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Foreign Gems: Japan

We have a lot of things to thank the country of Japan for: their amazing sushi, their anime and their super cute cherry blossom trees. However, what we really need to thank them for is their music! Japanese masterminds are creating awesome sounds that should be heard by our ears. 

Here’s a couple of songs to get you through the week!

I’m So Into You (Feat. Keyco) // Michita

Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, Michita proves to be one of the best track-makers/instrumentalists of our time. With Keyco providing hypnotizing lyrics to Michita’s mesmerizing beats, the song “I’m So Into You” makes you want to sway with the wind. Michita’s work is still mainly underground, even in Japan, which truly makes him a hidden gem.

Aruarian Dance // Nujabes

Also an instrumentalist like Michita, Nujabes is a more well known track-maker and producer. With an anagram as his stage name, Jun Seba, was born in Minato, Tokyo. Fusing different aspects of hip hop (many rappers and hip hop artists have collaborated with him) and jazz, his music proves unique among the typical American beats. On Youtube, many users have created “homework edits” of his music, which provide for a super-focused and very chill study session. You can check a great one out here.

Sugar Water // Cibo Matto

Although NYC based, Cibo Matto is a Japanese girl duo. The name “Cibo Matto” is derived from the Italian phrase meaning “food madness.” Although not as popular in Japan, their music has become relatively well known here in the US. The duo consists of vocalist Miho Hatori, who (fun fact!) was also associated with the Gorillaz, and keyboardist Yuka Honda (not related to Honda of Honda cars). Their quirky music ranges from noise rock to trip and hip hop.

That’s all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed my little selection of Japanese music. Check out my French recommendations here.


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Featured Image by Alexander Gubin on Flickr