Foreign Gems: Mexico Edition

¡Hola Aztecs! This week on Foreign Gems, we’re going to be exploring music from the country known for its burritos, tamales and salsas: MEXICO! Whether it is traditional mariachi or relaxing indie music, Mexico’s got it all. Below are a few Mexican classics that I hope you enjoy. Viernes // El Trío de Omar Rodriguez […]

Foreign Gems: Japan

We have a lot of things to thank the country of Japan for: their amazing sushi, their anime and their super cute cherry blossom trees. However, what we really need to thank them for is their music! Japanese masterminds are creating awesome sounds that should be heard by our ears.  Here’s a couple of songs […]

Foreign Gems: France

France. The country known as the city of love and for the Eiffel Tower, eating snails, and baguettes. What you may not know about France is that it is an incubator for unique musicians and bands whose songs are chalk full of creativity. Without further ado, below is a list of songs that I am […]