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First, I just want to say that this is officially a post on the Best blog in the entire nation! On Saturday, KCR won four major awards at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Society awards in New York City! Among these were Best Blog, Best Sports Play by Play Baseball/Softball, Best Online Station, and most importantly Best Station in the Nation! Anyways, lets move on to a post on the award winning blog.

I have been to dozens of concerts in my almost two decades on this planet. My absolute favorite ever was the Vans Warped Tour that I attended in summer of 2014. Call me crazy, but I would pick Warped Tour over Coachella any day. Hopefully you’ll catch me with a press pass this summer. This playlist reflects more of the ghosts of Warped Tours past because recently some of the line ups have been less than average. Anyways, I’ve dabbled with the Warped tour theme before on my show so I’ve used my extensive knowledge of Warped Tours past artists to create a double header playlist. So here is the best of Warped Tour:

  1. Savior-Rise Against
  2. Prayer of the Refugee- Rise Against

-Rise Against is rock at its finest with fabulously deep/ meaningful lyrics.

  1. The Rock Show- Blink-182
  2. Dammit- Blink-182

-This is pretty self- explanatory. I’ve mention Blink in a previous article and they are a must listen. I only recently (within the past couple of years) began listening to them and they filled a little hole in my musical heart that I didn’t know was there.

  1. Addicted- Simple Plan
  2. I’d Do Anything- Simple Plan

-Simple Plan is the definition of teenage angst. They are perfectly punk rock and equally confused about women. My favorite of these two is “Addicted”. I can’t play it on air because it doesn’t line up with the FCC policy on language, so that just makes it extra special. I would have killed to see them live.

  1. My Friends Over You- New Found Glory
  2. Anthem for the Unwanted- New Found Glory

-The singer has a very interesting voice, making this band a Warped Tour legend. “My Friends Over You” is their most popular song, for good reason. It is the kind of catchy that is only found in punk rock. “Anthem for the Unwanted” is off of a newer record of theirs and contradicts the idea that bands get worse with age.

  1. Everything Sucks (When You’re Gone)- MxPx
  2. Responsibility- MxPx

-To be honest, I’ve cried to “Everything Sucks”. It’s perfect for when you’re eating ice cream and trying to shake off an incompetent ex. “Responsibility” is a college kid’s anthem because who needs responsibility? Not me, I still have a couple years until I have to be a real adult.

  1. With You Around- Yellowcard
  2. The Takedown- Yellowcard

-Yellowcard is my favorite band in the entire world so I had to put them on this playlist. I know majority of people only know of Yellowcard because of their song “Ocean Avenue”. This is a great song, but the band has so much more to offer, trust me.

  1. The Space Between- Valencia
  2. Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)- Valencia

-Valencia is one of those bands that has been around for a while and their sound has definitely evolved. “The Space Between” is more representative of their punk roots while “Still need You Around” exemplifies their transition into a “deeper” group.

  1. Counting the Days- Good Charlotte
  2. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)- Good Charlotte

-Good Charlotte is not really on the punkish rock spectrum in the same way that the other bands on this playlist are. They are more of a party music kind of group and that’s why I placed them at the very end. Sometimes you just need a little party to end your day.


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