It’s Cuffing season guys. Summer has come to an end and the colder weather is making people realize they are lonely. As the temperatures start to drop, you may find yourself more interested in being tied down in a relationship. There always seems to be a rising number of new relationships or engagements during this time of year. In short, the weather is making people more conscious of the fact that they need a cuddle buddy.

If the cuffing season has got a hold of you, you’re in luck. I have a plan to help you quench your thirst! It’s called, ‘The Cuffing Playlist” and it consists of songs from various genres that you can share with that certain someone the cold weather has got you thinking about. Let these songs speak for you, grab your cuddle buddy , your warmest blanket and just chill… or maybe Netflix and chill.

1. The Velvet Underground, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Oh my gosh just listen to those lyrics. You could win anyone over with them.

2. Frank Ocean, “Thinking about you”

You been thinking about them? Let Frank Ocean let them know with this popular tune. Also a good song if you’re trying to reconnect with someone.

3. Moldy Peaches, “Anyone else but You”

You may have heard this song in the movie Juno, but the cute and quirky lyrics make it fun song to add into the playlist.


4. Cafe Tacuba, “Eres”

Whether you understand them or not, the lyrics in this song are incredible. Super romantical (yes, I just made that word up). Trust me, or go ahead and utilize Google translate if you don’t.


5. Mac DeMarco, “I’ve Been Waiting For Her”

Or him ya know. This is  fun pop, rock song by Mac DeMarco let’s the person know that you enjoy their company and are really excited when they’re around.


6. The Drums, “Make You Mine”
Cute and to the point.

7. The Cars “You might think”
This song is a classic, I mean listen to that keyboard and those lyrics are also cute as heck! Great song, and a great way to end the playlist.