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Weekly Watchlist: Week 2

Weekly Watchlist. Week 2. For this week’s “Weekly Watchlist”, I have to give a shoutout to AMC A-List. I worked for AMC for almost 3 years until I moved on to better things; but in my time there, I saw almost every movie that came out. After moving onto a different job, I no longer […]

SwuM & TVBOO at Music Box

The SwuM/TVBOO show at Music Box was a bass thumping, energy-inducing high of good-vibing music. Held at the Music Box in downtown San Diego, the show catered to people of all ages, but targeted the young in the community (18+, although I did see a couple 12 year olds running around). Although the advertising mainly […]

88Rising Music & Arts Festival at Los Angeles State Historic Park

This year marks the very first ever 88Rising Music Festival: “Head in the Clouds”. With an attendance of 2,500 or so, 88Rising does not match up with the big dogs such as Coachella or Lollapalooza whose attendance ranges in the hundreds of thousands; but this is not to say that it was not filled with as much talent and passion. More importantly, this is the very first Asian-American music festival in North America EVER.