Everybody knows Sublime, those guys with the “Santeria” song. Sublime was a major player, and contributed to the music scene of Southern California today.

The group is from Long Beach. And, they definitely give off West Coast rock ‘n’ roll vibes. But, Sublime combines that with reggae in order to get a unique ska sound.

Although Sublime was not making studio albums for a long time, they have had a ton of music released overall. Song after song set the stage for today’s punk scene. This is the reason that many people today listen to bands that got their start in the mid ’90s.

If you’re looking for some more ska punk to get you through your day, then you’re reading the right post, because I have some suggestions for you.

  1. The dirty heads –  This is a hip hop reggae band that was formed in Huntington Beach. They’re made up of five members and cite Sublime, 311 and Bob Marley as inspirations for their sound. This shows how influential Sublime is, linking the great artists Bob Marley and 311 together.
  2. Another band that may have been influenced by Sublime is Pepper. Although this band formed in Hawaii in 1997, they also have the same reggae ska punk rock vibes that Sublime is known for. They were still active and making music in 2013, so go check them out to get a Hawaiian Sublime trial.
  3. Slightly Stoopid – This band is from right here in San Diego, where they formed in 1995. They tour almost nonstop, and have been for the past 10 years. They share the ska sound that you’ve come to expect from Sublime but present it in their own Slightly Stoopid style. These bands will surely help you to get your ska fix when you’ve already had your fill of Sublime.