Although many of you may think, “Hey It’s not back to school season anymore,” my body is still lacking productivity – I’m nostalgic for winter and itching for summer.  In turbulent times such as these, I need my daily dose of chill and buttery to counteract the cynicism and anxiety. To confront this problem I have made a habit of starting all my school semesters with a remedy playlist to cure all moments of panic, stress and academic insecurity. In this post, I share this playlist with all of you in the hopes that it will satisfy your chill needs and maybe introduce you to some new, great artists.

  1. “Basta Ya” – The Marias

  2. “Gum, Toe and Sole” – Gus Dappertone

  3. “Some” – Steve Lacy

  4. “Warm (feat. Mia)” – Dre’es, Mia

  5. “bellyache” – Billie Ellish


  7. “Chronic Sunshine” – Cosmo Pyke

  8. “Night Ride” – The Growlers **

  9. “My Favorite Part” – Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande

  10. “Whatever You Want” – Sports

  11. “Young” – Frankie Cosmos

  12. “Free Room (Feat. Appleby)” – Ravyn Lenae

  13. “Foreplay” – Jalen Santoy