As I stood outside will call waiting to see REZZ, I heard the sound of disappointed fans. They were stuck outside the venue as it was quickly revealed to them that they bought fake tickets and were now denied entry to see their favorite artist. Worry not, as it was REZZ to the rescue this past Thursday (Dec. 14th) at the Observatory. Despite their unlucky purchases, it seems that REZZ had her fans covered! Some who tweeted at the artist about the bogus tickets were then put on a guest list that would allow them access to the show.

 Those who were in attendance were in for a treat! REZZ started her San Diego show off with a crowd favorite, “Relax.” Just like that, the crowd was electrified. In promotion of her new album, “Mass Manipulation,” REZZ’s set consisted predominantly of her own songs and remixes and there were no complaints among fans. Standing in the crowd one could hear the “WOOOOS” and screams of fans, as well the occasional “LOVE YOU MOM!” Yes, it seems the Cult of REZZ was in full force. REZZ’s fan base is definitely a dedicated group, often referring to the female DJ/producer as their Space Mom.

 As the show slowly came to an end after a long night of what many deemed, “an amazing show!”, the crowd began to shout “Encore,” but it seems all good things must come to an end. Fans emptied The Observatory still buzzing from the show, some even saying they wanted to go to LA the following day to see her again.

If you don’t know REZZ, I would highly recommend giving her a listen, and if you do, try and catch her on tour while you can! Be sure to check here for tickets.