Let me begin this article by stating that I am currently balled up on my bed with my laptop while eating a box of dark chocolates that my mom sent me for Valentine’s Day. So, as you may have already guessed, this playlist was inspired by my own personal experience as a single lady on Valentine’s Day.

I have no serious issues with my single status; I have generally accepted that love will work itself out somewhere along the line.

The morning of valentines was no different than any other.  I woke up closer to PM than AM in a groggy haze. The start of the morning was utterly normal until I remembered that it was in fact February 14th and I was the odd man out on the day of relationship celebration. I began to mentally prepare myself for a day of encountering a considerably larger amount of people kiss in public. I also started my day of with a nutritious breakfast consisting of enough chocolate to feed several couples.

This scenario sounds overly dramatic and rather depressing, but it provided a great opportunity to create a mini playlist. So here is the perfect playlist to uplift you in the days following your single Valentine’s Day:

  1. Independent Woman Pt 1- Destiny’s Child

-Weather you’re a man or a woman this is the ultimate single person anthem. You are independent and beautiful. You do not need anyone to buy you anything because you are so successful that you can buy it yourself. In the words of lead singer Beyoncé, “I depend on me”. Yes, those are words to live by B.

  1. Since U Been Gone (Cover)- A Day to Remember

-It is inevitable that you will think about some kind of ex romantic partner on Valentine ’s Day. There is really no possible way of avoiding it. This being said, your current single status doesn’t mean jack squat. You are better off since that person has been gone. This cover is particularly suiting because it’s a little harder and has a touch of screaming in order to appeal to your angry side.

  1. I Don’t Care- Fall out Boy

-You don’t care what anyone thinks about your single status. You are not one to conform and…”The best of us can find happiness in misery”.

  1. Crooked Smile-J. Cole

-Listen to this song intently enough and you will find that it’s about being your true self no matter what others (including romantic partners) think. A key piece of advice to take from this song is to “Love yourself, girl, or nobody will”.

  1. Absolutely (Story of a Girl)- Nine Days

-You will remember this song instantly upon pressing play; it is an essential early 2000’s throwback.  The girl in this song is always crying, but the singer thinks that she is beautiful when she smiles. So quit crying about being single and smile because there is probably someone out there who digs that smile.  If that’s not the case, smile for yourself because you are awesome.


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