The Pixies are making their way back to San Diego, playing at the Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater on April 22. When they announced a US tour, especially a show here in San Diego, it was quite exciting news because of who they are and what they mean for alternative rock. Formed in the late 1980’s, Charles Thompson IV (a.k.a. Frank Black) paired up with Joey Santiago at the University of Massachusetts. The duo was determined to form a band. The two friends relocated to Boston and put out an add in a newspaper in hopes of finding a bassist. Kim Deal responded to the add, and brought along her friend and drummer, David Lovering. In 1987, the band released the EP “Come On Pilgrim.” A short time later, in 1988, the group’s iconic debut album, “Surfer Rosa” was released. Throughout the ’90s, the Pixies released three studio albums that seemed to capture the spirit of the decade. They didn’t quite fit in with the mainstream grunge scene, but perhaps that was a good thing, because the Pixies are so much more than just a phase.

They, unknowingly at the time, released albums that would influence many bands, such as Radiohead and Arcade Fire. The album “Surfer Rosa” contains some of the most infamous Pixie tracks: “Gigantic,” “River Euphrates,” and “Where Is My Mind?”. The same goes for “Doolittle.” It is such a captivating album, and delivers more hits, including “Here Comes Your Man,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and “Gouge Away.”  

In 1993 Kim Deal left the band. That became quite the scandal when rumors circulated, stating that her departure was due to constant clashing with Frank Black. However, the band reunited in 2004 when they toured around the US and the UK headlining music festivals. This lasted until 2013, when Deal left once again. The remaining pixies still toured without her. As of late, the Pixies released a sixth album, “Head Carrier,” in September of 2016, and brought in Paz Lenchantin as a permanent replacement for Kim Deal.

Catch the Pixies play at Cal Coast Open Air Theater on Saturday, April 22.

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