Tried-and-true radio shows usually have a history. Or, in other words, they’ve been around for a while; this includes the DJs and hosts themselves. KCR’s “In the Red” is an indie-alternative music show hosted by Alicia Hoole, Caitlin Catalina Cardenas and Nick Lograsso, who are currently in their fourth semester together as hosts. Curious about how they’ve stayed together for so long, I reached out for an interview for this edition of Behind the Mic.

Alicia, Caitlin and Nick began hosting at KCR together during their first semester at SDSU. Alicia told me that there is a certain chemistry between the three of them that they play off. Despite being a music show, discussion does pop up occasionally, and when it does that chemistry makes for an obvious sense of familiarity between the three. Alicia added, though, “It all comes back to the music.”

Each of the hosts indicated to me that they have unique tastes in music, which makes for a good mix on-air. That mix includes indie, alternative, classic rock, pop rock and punk rock. Regular listeners will know that every show ends with a pop song, whether it be Lady Gaga or the Jonas Brothers. Interestingly enough, Nick’s favorite Jonas brother is in fact Nick.

Nick said that his music taste started with ’90s alternative, and that he still revisits the genre through his contributions to the show’s playlist. He did say, however, that he’s been influenced by both Caitlin’s and Alicia’s music taste – through genres such as classic rock, pop and 2000s alternative. Alicia added that Nick often plays unknown, but important and relevant, songs from well known artists and albums.

Caitlin’s contributions to the show range from mid-2000s punk, such as Panic! and Fall Out Boy, to classic rock like The Beatles. Caitlin is a criminal justice major here at SDSU.

Between songs, the trio chimes in with some music history about the songs they’re playing, as well as why the music made that week’s playlist. On a recent show, the hosts discussed The Doors and the 50th anniversary of the group’s debut album.

In addition to history and importance of songs, the three bring up venues and shows they’ve recently attended or will attend. They’ll give a short review of the attended shows.

Music for each episode of “In the Red” features separate playlists that Alicia, Caitlin and Nick compile themselves. Alicia told me playlists “reflect what each of us have been listening to during the week.” Listeners can expect to hear a new variety every show.

When he isn’t a DJ, Nick is studying – he’s a computer science major. He also has a leadership role in Gates to Success, an on-campus organization that strives to help underrepresented and first-generation college students. The organization points students in the right direction for services like scholarships and tutoring. Nick is also a part of AITP @ SDSU, an organization of information, technology, business professionals.

Alicia, a communications major, is the Music Submissions Director for KCR. She is also a member of Aztec Music Group, the on-campus organization focused on combining business and music interests. Last semester, Alicia interned at Topshelf Records in San Diego. She hopes to pursue a career in the music business.

If you want to experience “In the Red” for yourself, tune in to KCR College Radio every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition, you can find your favorite DJs on our KCR schedule.

Featured Image: The three hope to add a segment to “In the Red” which focuses on a specific band, sometime in the future. Photo by Sumner Shorey.